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Solutions for C-Level Executives

Video conferencing allows for faster decision making, quicker reaction times as well as a reduction in travel times and costs.  The end result?  Staying ahead of the competition, getting products to market faster, introducing better customer services, higher productivity, reduced costs and increased profit - just some of the ways our customers have benefited from the pervasive use of video conferencing.  How will you benefit?

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Solutions for IT

As an IT professional, your colleagues often look to you as a business enabler.  They rely on you to ensure that technology-related purchases are as cost-effective and future-proof as possible.  Videocall can help you to select the best video infrastructure for your business from a vast, evolving range of equipment and services -  from reliable access for mobile devices to the design and build of Immersive Telepresence suites.  We'll help you with the business case, specify requirements to meet your needs and, when your solution is up and running, help you prove the return on your investment.

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Solutions for Directors & Managers

Business directors and managers in larger organisations need to manage remote workers as effectively as possible. You probably already use video conferencing to some extent, but are you getting the best out of it? Is it as easy to use as you would like? Is the quality what you need?  And is it helping you to drive out real benefits?  As well as hard financial savings like travel costs, video conferencing can contribute significantly to improvements in productivity, work-life balance and retention of those workers who often work remotely from their main place of business.

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Decisions can now be taken instantly and confidently by gathering people around the worldwide meeting table at the flick of a button.
Tony Thomas, Head of Information Management at K'NEX

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