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MyPresence - Personal Telepresence Service

MyPresence is a desktop conferencing service that just works. Easily. Reliably. Inexpensively. Pleasingly. From anywhere. And that's because MyPresence provides for high-quality, low-latency, highly resilient, broad-based deployments over general-purpose networks with the introduction of the first multi-point video conferencing solution designed to work like the Internet itself.

Users Love The Experience

Using MyPresence could not be simpler - navigate and login to the portal, the client will download and install itself in a matter of seconds click 'Start My Meeting' to begin your videoconference.

The MyPresence Portal is a Web-based environment used to manage the MyPresence system. The feature rich portal is so intuitive that any conference participant can use it to initiate meetings - via the Web - from anywhere. The Portal's flexible interface features single-click-action buttons that take care of everything required to initiate a conference. All users are assigned a personal meeting room that can be password protected, thus making it possible for meetings to be held anytime - whether impromptu or by prior arrangement.

IT Loves the Simplicity

MyPresence is a fully managed service, this means that there is no costly network hardware to buy and maintain. With unrivalled levels of scalability you can also be sure that if you suddenly need another 100 users the changes will be made promptly without affecting your service.

We monitor your system, ensure you have immediate access to new features, and scale your system to maintain peak performance whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users. Your IT team is a strategic resource. Treat them that way by freeing up their bandwidth to focus on the important stuff.

Finance Loves the Savings

With high quality videoconferencing available on your PC from wherever you are you'll quickly discover that you don't have fly half-way round the world for that 2 hour meeting, only to hop back on the plane to fly straight back. With MyPresence's pricing structure it's easy to justify the purchase - in some cases it's paid for inside one week with travel savings!

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