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Real Time Meeting Management

Manufacturer agnostic telepresence and video conference connectivity is provided to ensure that any type of telepresence or video conference service combination can be provided to customers. Automated call launching through Videocallís service management platform and in call operator management is provided to guarantee the highest quality user experience.

Videocall provides telepresence and videoconference connectivity and management services to customers from its globally distributed business exchange and UK based video network operations centre (VNOC).

Global Business Exchange

Customers who choose to use Videocallís cloud services have on-demand 24 hour access to Videocallís globally distributed business exchange. Access to the business exchange is powered by Eagle, Videocallís web-based service management platform.

Combined with Eagle Videocallís business exchange delivers:

  • Seamless connectivity Ė Customers can choose to create any type of telepresence or videoconference meeting, irrespective of location, endpoint technology, platform or network. The business exchange automatically selects the appropriate assets to connect meetings in the highest quality.

  • Availability Ė access to the business exchange is via Eagle, Videocallís online service management platform and is available for customer meetings 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

  • Automated and Reservationless Ė access to to Videocall's services is available to customers via Eagle at all times ensuring that you are able to meet when you need to.

  • Highest quality experience Ė Using Videocallís cloud services customers are able to simply book their meeting using the simple and intuitive web-based Eagle interface and hold their meeting in confidence knowing that the service is backed by strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensuring the highest quality user experience possible.

  • Access Ė Using Videocallís business exchange customers are able to invite third party organisations such as customers, suppliers or partners to their video meetings to foster closer collaboration.


Video Network Operations Centre (VNOC)

Videocallís Video Network Operations Centre is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to customers who require operator management for their meetings. Videocallís operators provide management services using differing service levels to suit customer requirements.

Full operator management of your telepresence and videoconference meetings ensures that meeting participants are able to walk into the meeting room and simply being their meeting with concern for the technology, trusting that Videocallís operators are working to ensure the highest quality meeting experience throughout the meeting.

MyPresence - Personal Telepresence Service

MyPresence is a desktop conferencing service that just works. Easily. Reliably. Inexpensively. Pleasingly. From anywhere. And that's because MyPresence provides for high-quality, low-latency, highly resilient, broad-based deployments over general-purpose networks with the introduction of the first multi-point video conferencing solution designed to work like the Internet itself.