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Service Delivery

Videocall's Global Managed Services can be delivered to customers to suit specific deployment requirements. Videocallís primary service delivery models for immersive telepresence, telepresence & videoconferencing are detailed below, each offering flexibility in their specific deployment.


Enterprise deployment delivers a telepresence and videoconference service supported by customer deployed core infrastructure. This infrastructure is managed by the customerís in-house expertise to deliver their own service to the telepresence and videoconferencing end users.


Managed On-Premise

Core infrastructure located within customersí network can be remotely managed by Videocall as if it were a seamless extension of Videocallís globally distributed business exchange. This allows Videocall to provide real time meeting management & video conference services on infrastructure located as close to the users as possible.


Cloud - VaaS

ICE provides subscribers with access to a world class, high quality video infrastructure enabling any type of standards based video call to be connected to any standards based video device, from an executive desktop to a mobile device, from a dedicated video room to a laptop in a home office.


Eagle - Online Booking & Management Portal

Eagle is Videocallís telepresence and videoconferencing service management environment to enable the delivery of real time videoconferencing services by driving Videocallís globally distributed business exchange to customers regardless of platform, device, connectivity, location or user group.