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Videocall supplies a range of immersive, personal and room telepresence and video conference solutions supporting different business strategies and operational requirements. Use the links below to find the telepresence & videoconference solutions which best fit your business requirements and discover how Videocall can help your communications to succeed.

Immersive Telepresence Solutions

Immersive Telepresence solutions deliver the highest quality video meeting experience available. Meeting participants are able to feel as if they are in the same room. This is achieved through hidden technology and a focus solely on the experience delivered to those in the room. Videocallís real time meeting management services ensure each meeting is successfully managed and the participants are able to achieve the aims of their meeting. Organisations deploy immersive telepresence to allow business critical meetings to take place without the requirement of travelling.


Telepresence Solutions

Telepresence solutions deliver a unique, high quality meeting experience. Telepresence rooms are created with the focus solely on the participants ensuring the highest quality meetings to add real value to business communications. Organisations use telepresence solutions to connect both internally and externally, enabling increased productivity and reducing the time and cost associated with travelling. Telepresence delivers the highest quality experience combined with simple user procedures ensuring participants feel comfortable and ready to do business.


Videoconferencing Solutions

Videoconferencing solutions empower high quality video collaboration enabling business process efficiencies, cost reductions and productivity increases. For many organisations videoconferencing is a technology firmly cemented into company culture and seen as a key business component. For others itís a source of constant frustration and seen as a last resort. However an appropriately deployed, correctly managed and supported videoconferencing service can add real value to the way in which organisations do business.


Unified Communications Solutions

Unified communications solutions combine access to multiple business communication channels into a single, more manageable, powerful and useful business tool. Unified communications is moving from a buzz word to a business standard. There are significant benefits available to organisations who have undertaken a unified communications deployment strategy. It is crucial to ensure you understand how to take of advantage of unified communications technologies and how they can add value to your business.


Desktop & Mobile Solutions

Standards compliant, business quality personal telepresence solutions allow you to seamlessly integrate video communication at your desktop, giving you the ability to effortlessly connect face-to-face without leaving your desk.


Network Solutions

Business grade telepresence and videoconferencing applications require a network connectivity optimised for the unique demands associated with running video conferencing & communications traffic. Our high quality network ensures a reliable, robust and high quality telepresence or videoconferencing service.


Core Infrastructure Solutions

Core infrastructure is required to power the features and functions of a successful immersive telepresence, telepresence videoconferencing and unified communications service. Intelligent deployment of core infrastructure to support an enterprise telepresence or videoconferencing deployment ensures that users can access the applications and services they require when they need them. Integration of the core to other business platforms ensures interoperability with other communications devices.