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Telepresence Solutions

Telepresence solutions deliver a unique, high quality meeting experience. Telepresence rooms are created with the focus solely on the participants ensuring the highest quality meetings to add real value to business communications. Organisations use telepresence solutions to connect both internally and externally, enabling increased productivity and reducing the time and cost associated with travelling. Telepresence delivers the highest quality experience combined with simple user procedures ensuring participants feel comfortable and ready to do business.

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In any marketplace it is important to maximise organisational effectiveness. With pressures on key executives’ time, it is difficult to remain effective whilst minimising time lost to being out of the office.

Business agility relies on effective communications. The ability to react first, to push products to market quicker and to maximise shareholder value hinges on an organisation’s ability to effectively communicate internally and with customers, suppliers and partners.

Telepresence Solutions

Telepresence ensures effective communications. Using the highest quality technology powered by an effective concierge service ensures that meeting participants are able to focus on doing business without a second thought to the way the meeting is conducted.

Telepresence solutions enable participants to sit across the table from their colleagues thousands of miles away, to make eye contact, to see body language and to hold effective meetings.

Telepresence solutions offer all the benefits of a physical meeting at a fraction of the per-meeting cost. To find out how telepresence solutions could revolutionise the way you do business, contact Videocall.


  • Maximise the time of your key executives

  • Enhance business agility

  • Ensure effective communication both internally and externally

  • Hold effective meetings without the difficulties associated with travelling