$1 million lost in meeting productivity a year say Forrester

In a global research report conducted by Forrester Consulting for Poly (formerly Polycom and Plantronics), it has concluded that more than $1 million is lost every year in productivity due to poor call quality or delayed video calls.

With technology supposedly helping us to collaborate more effectively and quicken the time to market, why is this happening?

Collaboration, and in particular video conferencing has exploded in use over the last few years. 74% of the companies surveyed stated that they have increased the number of video calls being made over the last two years. What this has meant is that businesses have often rushed to deploy solutions in order to meet increasing demand without the experience or the true understanding of the business and user needs.

"The complexity of today's approaches is also frustrating for users: today's deployments have resulted in a poor user experience, such as difficulty connecting to calls and poor call quality," the study said. 96% of companies face challenges when managing videoconferencing solutions.”

Often larger companies will have multiple collaboration services running (a previous report stated it was 3-5 on average in enterprise companies), as well as the requirement to connect with people outside of the four walls of the office, whether that is customers, partners, manufacturers or other third parties. This can create multiple workflows, methods and procedures required to have a meeting, and can involve having to download software before meetings start. 

We have written an eBook on the hyper-connected workplace and the factors that are impacting on businesses and challenging them on being able to deliver successful outcomes. That includes the rapid advance in collaboration technology and services, and what it means to the customer. You can download it by clicking on the link.

But just how can businesses prevent productivity loss?

A stable collaboration service with interoperability designed into the core, that is also easy to use and reliable. Simple, yes?

Well actually it is. Videocall’s ICE collaboration platform has been designed with interoperability, ease of use and reliability as key components alongside security, availability and the ability to be delivered from the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid solution. Acting as a gateway for SIP calls, being able to connect to any traditional endpoint as well as being compatible with Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts Meet, Videocall’s ICE service can sit at the centre of any organisation allowing users to connect simply using the workflows and methods they are used to and avoid productivity loss.

ICE comes with a host of features including full Microsoft and Google compatibility to Outlook and G-Mail; join meetings with a single touch; recording and streaming; WebRTC and much more.

Why not book a free demonstration or free trial to see for yourself why so many large enterprise companies use ICE as their collaboration platform?

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