3 Ways Video Collaboration Enables IT to Boost Business Productivity


IT departments are constantly being challenged to find new ways that technology can help businesses do more with less. Today, delivering cost savings is not enough. IT must find new ways to get business done faster and better – not just cheaper. The role of IT has moved beyond cost containment and become a strategic business partner through innovative uses of technology, and this is where video comes in.

Here are just three of the many benefits the IT department can realise by incorporating video collaboration into their communications infrastructure:

1. Increased Productivity – Video collaboration allows IT workers to communicate without the lost time and increased expenses of cross-country, cross-city, or cross-campus travel and to make more informed decisions faster by bringing appropriate expertise into the process as needed.

2. Improved Departmental Relationships – The use of video conferencing allows IT professionals to experience the positive benefits of a connected environment. In businesses with globally dispersed IT departments, the use of video communications technology allows IT managers to be more impactful with their teams and in turn allow them sufficient quality face time to assist with their professional development.

3. Reduced Costs  – Virtual appliances and applications use your IT resources more efficiently thereby reducing overall cost of ownership for your communications systems. Furthermore, the ability to hold all business-related meetings online leads to a huge reduction in travel and administration expenses.

There are also numerous ways that IT can extend existing video solutions to increase productivity in various other parts of the organisation. For example, IT can help field services shrink the time it takes to repair an item with video troubleshooting guides and expert on demand video conferencing services. The ways we can use video to improve our businesses are only limited by our imagination. How will you use video to drive productivity?

Lopez Research, working with our partner Polycom, has produced 3 on-demand webinars which provide a more in-depth insight into the wealth of benefits that video communications can provide to IT departments everywhere.

Image Courtesy of Polycom