A Toolkit of Products and Services – Customising Your Conferencing To Gain Maximum Engagement

Creating a video conferencing service that will engage all levels of your user community requires two things: firstly, an industry expert who can truly understand the objectives of your business and who is qualified to make informed solution recommendations.

Secondly, a toolkit of products that can be deployed across the whole, or part of, your enterprise to create a bespoke, tiered service, designed with your users’ unique needs in mind. 

Videocall can provide both. In the first blog of this series, we talked about the vital process of discovering business needs with one of our Strategic Account Managers. This week we begin looking at the products in our toolkit that enable us to offer bespoke video solutions – talking with our Head of IT Services we will start with OUTREACH, Videocall’s own remote infrastructure management and diagnostic service and which forms the core of our managed service offerings. 


Q. So what is OUTREACH?

OUTREACH is a service that, typically via a VPN, gives secure remote access to your infrastructure. We use this access to collect data so we can see the availability, functionality and performance of your core devices. We use the data to fix issues in real time, manage software and firmware remotely and proactively warn you of system down time and end of life hardware.

Q. How does it work?

A secure VPN is set up. The IP address of each end point is taken and configured with the OUTREACH server. A ping sends information from each IP address to the server – depending on what information is reported, we know the status of your systems components. If no, or unexpected, information is returned from any one end point OUTREACH will automatically create an incident with our Service Desk and investigate.

Q. Why would an enterprise examining their conferencing strategy consider OUTREACH?

Several reasons but let’s start with availability. Because we monitor your infrastructure and end points 24/7/365 we can perform real time remote diagnosis and repair - meaning down time will be greatly reduced. We will alert the Service Owner of down time and resolution even if the system isn’t in use at the time, so you are always informed and prepared. Not many in-house IT services can achieve that level of availability or proactivity.

OUTREACH is also an enabler for your own support team - it can relieve pressure and allow their focus to remain on other projects, safe in the knowledge that the video conferencing services are being monitored, managed and reported in real time. All whilst assuring 100% availability to your customers - at all times.

As well as this we will use OUTREACH to evaluate your operating systems (OS) and the upgrades available to you -  giving industry expert advice on suitability to your systems. We can test OS upgrades to ensure compatibility, and only when we are confident of performance and suitability, we can deploy your upgrades remotely. So we take care of the glitches and bugs that can cause user disruption for you – and we don’t deploy until we are satisfied it is of benefit to your business.

RealPresence Trio business meeting

We’ll also keep the last three configurations of each end point so if you ever need new hardware we can download and configure it for you.

This removes the need for your team to upgrade each individual piece of hardware - removing a huge workload from your IT function and ensuring your conferencing system is managed by conferencing experts.

Q. What about the conferencing estate already in place - can OUTREACH cover that?

All standards based conferencing equipment can be brought under the OUTREACH service – whether it is new or existing – meaning you can leverage any estate you have in place within your new system.

Q. Can OUTREACH remove cost from a business when they are looking to update their conferencing strategy?

OUTREACH is essentially a tool to remove cost from your business - the cost saving comes in the post installation environment. Less down time means more availability to your user communities, more availability means greater ROI. Proactive and remote repair by Videocall means issues will often be rectified before your users even realised there was a problem – that means man hours spent for your support services.

Q. How do we maintain customer security with OUTREACH?

Videocall’s infrastructure is inherently secure – we have ISO accreditations evidencing secure environment, quality and management procedure. Each instance of OUTREACH is isolated so there is no danger of cross contamination and we conduct penetration tests annually.

Q. What is the single biggest benefit of OUTREACH?

For me, it’s OUTREACH’s ability to remove pressure from in-house IT services whilst still giving the service owner complete control and visibility through reporting. There’s no need to relinquish ownership; it is possible to create a seamless partnership between in-house and service provider support functions, and OUTREACH is the starting point of that valuable relationship.

If you would like to learn more about the Videocall process - from products to services - read part 1 and part 2 of this series.