A Video Conference Cloud Service is More Than Just a VMR on the Internet


Part 3 of 3 blogs on the changing nature of the use of video conferencing


We see a lot of companies selling the idea of video conference cloud services that are little more than a virtual meeting room on the internet, or an intranet. We are not here to name names, but if companies approach you selling this idea then please tell them how it should be.

In the last two blogs we have talked about whether the sales of end points has gone flat and whether Skype for Business is changing the way companies approach video conferencing. Both articles share the link that it is cloud technology that is leading the change, and as such the last blog talks about making sure you get the best video conferencing cloud for your business.

The idea of ‘cloud’ for all technology is that it moves the storing of data outside of the company walls and makes it accessible from anywhere as long as there is internet or mobile signal. You should be able to access the cloud via any number of web connected devices. In the case of video conferencing, any video enabled device should be able to be used to start collaborating.

The big difference in Videocall’s ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) - Video as a Service is that as the name suggests, it is a true cloud experience. We can deploy ICE as a complete cloud solution or as a hybrid solution should it be required that some data remain behind company firewalls. For us it is all about considering two key factors:

  1.        How the user ACCESS’ the service
  2.        How the attendees ARRIVE in the service

ICE allows users to access the service direct by dialling in via VMR (telephone, ISDN or IP); connecting via the web; or by using our Eagle platform portal that allows the user to create ad hoc, scheduled, self-service or managed meetings. Users can check meeting room/user availability and schedule ahead video calls. Comprehensive reports are available to gauge usage and to monitor device performance. If a personal service is required, Videocall’s vNOC Conference Management service can manage the call completely; ideal for Board or other important company-wide meetings where an SLA driven environment is required. Call recording is also available.

With three options (Direct, Web, and Portal) for attendees to connect, the choice of endpoint to use comes down to location and personal choice. Whether the user is sat in an immersive suite, in a huddle space, working from home or on the move, our ICE service will connect all of the standards based devices into the meeting to allow shared collaboration to begin. The quality of experience is key to making VaaS ubiquitous within a business after all, and letting the attendee choose the endpoint should increase this.

Scalability, an essential ingredient to any cloud service. As the company grows, or in fact just demand for the service grows then the service needs to be able to adapt and grow at the same pace. At the end of the day, you only want to be paying for what you are using and not what you think you might use in 6-12 months’ time. Our ICE service will grow with you so that you don’t have to pay for more licences than you have active users.

It is clearly more than just a VMR on the internet.

Companies do not need to design, deploy, maintain, integrate or manage their video infrastructure as ICE provides this on the user’s behalf, at a fraction of the cost. Users do not need to think about the intricacies of the technology they are using; they are now able to collaborate with colleagues, clients and suppliers confidently to conduct their day-to-day business.

As a company Videocall has never really shouted about ICE, but we are so proud of the cloud platform that we have built that we are now starting to do so. It is testament to ICE that once we demonstrate it to a potential buyer, they become a customer. With organisations such as Clarks, Britvic, Collas Crill and Linklaters, to name just a handful, using our ICE service on a daily basis, we can truly say that you will not be disappointed to request a demonstration.

Remember, don’t settle for a knock-off video cloud experience. Go for the actual service and improve the quality of experience for your company; in the end it will improve usage and lower the TCO.

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