Adding Value, Not Strain, With a Video as a Service Solution

Making an enterprise conference ready is about more than installing audio visual equipment into meeting rooms. It’s about more than classifying your rooms as ‘huddle’, ‘teaming’ or ‘board’ and tweaking the size of the screens you need.

Making an enterprise conference ready is about looking at end users’ needs alongside the businesses objectives, then creating a collaboration strategy that will bring tangible benefits to all levels of the corporation - without creating more work or expense for in-house support services.

It’s about providing customer success on an ongoing basis. 

We believe video conferencing is a service rather than a facility - one which should be created and managed by industry experts, who will continuously work with an enterprise to assess, evaluate and improve on the user adoption and quality of experience. As a service provider, we offer a toolkit of products to facilitate our customers’ success – regardless of what their needs may be.

And, by implementing a Video as a Service, we do this without adding any strain to existing IT support services.

In this series of blogs, we will talk to the industry experts here at Videocall to find out exactly what creating a bespoke managed service means, and how the products and services we have created can complement the service we offer.

This week we talk with one of Videocall’s Strategic Account Managers, who will talk us through discovering a customer’s needs and enhancing their collaboration capabilities without adding to their support requirements.

Q: How do you evaluate a business to establish areas where value could be added?

If the organisation has a current conferencing strategy, I will reach out to the service owner. It’s vital to hear the current needs and objectives of the user communities from the process owner – this is the only way to gain real insight.

We start by understanding the current video conferencing strategy: estate, systems, internal and external traffic, and vendor relationships. Once we are familiar with their capabilities we move to an end to end assessment of workflows, end user process, support fulfilment and SLA’s in place. 

As we digest the existing process we will question what works, what brings challenges, what would be the ideal and what are the business’ objectives. We look to identify where a business is looking to save costs, simplify process, create engagement and enhance communication.

Ultimately, questioning what is and isn’t working whilst looking at the enterprises goals will lead us directly to the gaps in the process that need to be improved upon to create success. And success brings value. 

Managed Services Process

Q: What is ‘Video as a Service’ (VaaS) and how does that differ to a simple conferencing solution?

Video as a Service provides much more than ordering your new conferencing hardware from a manufacturer. After the discovery stage we create a bespoke, unified strategy. We design optimised environments for your meeting spaces and integrate the systems and software of your choice to compliment your users existing workflows – ensuring maximum consistency with current process. We will make you mobile and desktop capable should that be your business’ requirement. We can deploy this globally and in line with your cloud strategy.

What really turns our offering into a service is a combination of products and support that ease your involvement in service management, by taking care of training, technical help, maintenance, facilitation and directory management.

Combining these services with regular success evaluation ensures your strategy remains fit for purpose, future proof and guarantees ROI.

Q: Let’s talk specifics of how the end users will benefit from your managed services…

Firstly, support and maintenance – we provide 24/7/365 globally available technical support. Any user can access our service desk from any location by a number of means. On top of this we can guarantee on-site repair or resolution within four hours, eight hours or next business day – you can set your own SLA.

Our vNOC team provide a range of conference facilitation. High end users can benefit from a no-touch concierge service while the wider user community can self-serve on an ad-hoc basis. And there’s a multitude of options in-between. Plus, regardless of your chosen service, your call will be connected, tested and maintained throughout.

EAGLE offers service management that will allow you to have a global directory that can be used not just to book video conferences but all of your meetings and flexible working spaces.

OUTREACH is a remote infrastructure maintenance service that will constantly assesses your network for faults, reporting issues to our service desk in real time so we can rectify problems - often before you are even aware of them.

Our cloud solution, ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) creates secure, intuitive, simple to use and interoperable conferencing capabilities with content sharing and a comprehensive mobile and desktop strategy.

We can integrate Skype for Business and Microsoft Outlook and even keep your users in their native environments. 

Q: What’s the single biggest benefit of a Video as a Service from Videocall?

People. When you utilise a managed service you gain experienced, knowledgeable and highly qualified industry experts who present you with options, support your systems and evaluate your success. The value of knowledge and support is immeasurable.