Agile, Flexible, Connected...oh and 20!

On Sunday 5th of February Videocall Ltd. will have been in business for 20 years. Founded in 1997 by Managing Director Rob Portwood, the company has grown to become a leading worldwide managed service provider in the video conferencing and collaboration space.

The company has seen tremendous growth, both organically and through acquisitions during this time. The journey has taken the company from a VAR, to managed services, to service provider. The company is now the only company in the UK that is 100% focussed on video conferencing, becoming a ‘best of breed’ service provider and systems integrator for all enterprise businesses. To achieve this, Videocall rely on world class partners like Polycom, Cisco, Masergy and Microsoft.

“I have seen so much change in the industry during the twenty years.” Said Rob “We started as a company that had to earn the right to work with each and every customer. We demonstrated our expertise, provided valuable education and delivered measurable business outcomes for all our customers. Today we still have the same DNA; and we always will have. Earning the right to work with our customers, and not just expecting it is just one of the reasons we have succeeded as a business.”

“We have a fantastic company full of very talented and dedicated staff who all have the same goal – delivering an end to end experience that helps our customers, whether that is the service owners or the service users; collaborate better. We all know that great communication allows companies to see success in their market.”

Just last month Videocall launched the latest evolution of its well established ICE video as a service platform. As well as introducing some new packages, version 6 announced the arrival of the Super Port.

“For as long as I care to remember, one connected device in a meeting has always required one port.” continued Rob “We have introduced the Super Port to change those rules. We are seeing many companies deploy Microsoft Skype for Business across their entire organisations. These can be very big deployments. Why then punish these companies who might have 5, 10, 20 or more Skype for Business users wanting to connect from locations globally or even just in the same office by making them use up more concurrent ports? We don’t.”

“We understand that the way employees inside a customers’ business want to work is changing, so we are helping the companies with that bigger picture of understanding how they can adapt. It really is a pleasure to partner with so many companies and watch them grow.”

 “I am extremely proud of what Videocall has achieved, especially when I look at the list of clients we serve. I look forward to continue watching how the business world changes as technology improves, and ensuring that Videocall maintains its position of leading the way in video conferencing and collaboration.”

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