Agility and Focus, Are Something No Other Unified Collaboration Company Can Offer as Well as Videocall

In the last blog we started the conversation of why having a thirty-minute conversation with Videocall can open your eyes to how you can achieve a unified collaboration solution that works better for your company, achieves business objectives faster, and becomes prevalent and highly adopted across the business. If you missed it you can read ‘Look Past Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft, BlueJeans, Zoom, Logitech et al., and See the Bigger, Better Picture’ here.

As the service owner, your first port of call when thinking about an upgrade is likely to be the manufacturer of your current technology or the incumbent. Whilst there is nothing wrong with speaking with them, can you be sure that you are getting the whole picture and the best consultation possible?

Give us just thirty-minutes of your time, we appreciate that it is precious, we will ensure that every second is worthwhile.

You should speak to us because…

Videocall are the only company in the UK that is 100% focused on video conferencing and unified collaboration. Everything that the company has built up and continues to invest in, is within this industry. Our staff are experts in the field, and we lead the way with innovative solutions for enterprise unified collaboration.

We are capable of being innovative because we have been setup to be agile as a company. We are constantly evolving our service to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality, reliable and secure unified collaboration applications available. Our dedication lies in designing and maintaining the perfect unified collaboration solution for every one of our customers.

Perhaps taking a look at some of our customers and case studies will help you to realise the pedigree of the company, and the solutions we deliver?

No matter the vendor you are currently using, or the conglomerate you are trying to talk to, invite us to have that all important chat with you by simply filling in a contact form, picking up the phone or emailing us. That thirty-minutes will help you to deliver the right solution to your business and make everyone happy, so what have you got to lose? thirty-minutes of eye opening discussion with us, versus months of banging your head against a brick wall with them. 

Call +44 (0)1276 706 706, email or fill out our contact form to book your thirty-minute discussion