Are Businesses Losing Sight of what Enterprise Collaboration Is?

Technology over the last few decades has been advancing at a phenomenal rate, and the choice of how you want to collaborate whilst working is continually rising.

Whilst the competition is great for the market, driving new innovation, are businesses losing the focus on the difference between communication and collaboration and buying into services that are not actually fit for large enterprise consumption?

When we think about communication and collaboration and their differences inside the business workplace, we can say the following:

Communication – The action of engaging with another person or people to exchange information, via audio, video or written form

Collaboration – The action of working with a person or people to produce an end result via audio, video or written form

We are using communication tools such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, and SnapChat to have face-to-face video conversations with our friends and family on a regular basis, but is this impacting on what we expect when we come to work? Are people getting too used to these applications and forgetting about business grade collaboration tools?

Ease of use and convenience are continually listed as the most important feature that companies are looking for with any new service they deploy. Yes, ease of use and convenience are important, but should other factors such as reliability, security, quality and integration into workflows not also rank as highly?

At the end of the day, whilst it might be great that you can connect easily to your video conference meeting with the CEO of another company, ready to close the deal. But if the service is unreliable and keeps kicking you out, or if you can’t see the presentation being shared or the audio is too hard to hear, would that not worry you? Thankfully, true enterprise business grade video conferencing can remove all your worries.

So, when we see companies taking about such and such a service, and that it offers the simplest click to join functionality, we say ‘So does our enterprise grade service, and it offers a lot more. Let us demonstrate the real power of intelligent enterprise collaboration.’

Or perhaps they are using a desktop computer in a cupboard to run Skype for Business on a screen, making people log in and out and compromising security? We ask if it really is the best option for them? We can connect Skype for Business to an enterprise video conferencing set-up within your rooms, delivering the best from both worlds.

Videocall have 20 years of video conferencing experience, and work with a large number of global household, well-known companies. Our teams have the expertise to help you create a service that isn’t just easy to use, but is also reliable, secure and provides the high quality audio and video experience that you would expect in any enterprise company.

Whilst we welcome new technology, businesses need to make sure that they are deploying collaboration tools, and not just communication tools across their enterprise business. Talk to one of our experts today about reliable, secure high quality enterprise collaboration by using our contact form, emailing us at or calling us on +44 (0)1276 706706.

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