Budgeting for video conferencing in 2017

If you, like many video conference or unified collaboration service owners are starting to think (perhaps even stress) about budgeting for 2017 and beyond then you are not alone.

Listening to many customers we are tending to be hearing the same things mentioned time and time again:

  1. My capital and operational budgets have been reduced, but I need to maintain or improve the service
  2. The vendors are telling me that I need to upgrade my platform, but there is just not the budget
  3. What happens if I get something new and it doesn’t work? What we have now seems to be OK, and some people are using it, so why take the risk?

Do these sound familiar? Thought so.

It’s not going to surprise you to find out that we have answers to all three of these points. In this blog we are going to tackle the first point, following up with two and three which will be released shortly.

The scenario

So you have had the chat with the Finance Director and he has given you the line you were expecting, but hoped you wouldn’t hear.

“We need to streamline your budget next year. It’s happening across the company.”

Even with all the statistics and analysis laid out before you both there simply is no point in negotiating further.

Next steps

So, now you have that thought – how do I spend less without impacting on the service?

With less capital expenditure my platform will be impacted, and that will roll on to the operating budget and could damage the service?

How can I improve on the service with less money?

Things such as Video as a Service, the cloud, multi-vendor operability and Microsoft’s Skype for Business and/or Office365 are all terms you might have been starting to think about, but have not been quite sure where to start. Let us help.

There are a number of ways in which you can achieve a better service whilst streamlining through one of Videocall’s managed services.

As a company 100% dedicated to video conferencing, we provide expertise to large enterprise and multinational companies, advising the collaboration owners and helping them to realise their strategy and take the glory.

We provide the companies with the ability to have the highest quality service, whilst helping them to reduce budget and achieve ROI faster.

How do we do it?

Through consultation, listening and understanding. Whilst companies might have similar goals, there will nearly always be unique requirements, and knowing them can often prove to be the difference between satisfaction and success.

In a recent blog series we covered off in more detail about how you can effectively ‘do more, for less’ with Videocall. Have a read.

If you want to know more then read one of our case studies, or give us a call. We can help you.