Cisco Announces Further Spark Product Updates

Alongside Cisco’s announcement of their Spark Room Kits at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida, they announced a number of other new updates to their existing Spark products. Below we give a brief overview of each of the new updates:

Enhance Spark security:

Cisco have designed their Spark products with security and information protection as a priority. They have built it with end-to-end encryption for data in transit, at rest and in use.

Cisco encrypt and decrypt all content using dynamic keys from a Cisco Spark Key Management Server (KMS). These servers create, store, authorise and provide access to the encryption keys that Cisco Spark applications use to encrypt and decrypt content locally.

Some companies may require additional information protection options and controls, such as those in regulated industries with security requirements. Cisco have therefore announced the ability to own and manage your encryption keys by installing Cisco Spark Key Management Server on-premises.

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Spark Hybrid Media Service update:

Cisco have now updated Spark to allow anyone to be able to join a Cisco Spark meeting. All Spark products will now have a persistent SIP URI to allow people to join meetings from any standards-based SIP hardware or software client. There are millions of SIP based client and endpoints deployed, so this update allows customers to use them to easily join a Spark session.

The update also allows customers to install a Hybrid Media Node on their network which provides local media processing for any on-premises attendees in Spark meetings. This enables them to get the quality video they would expect from an on-premises video meeting solution whilst saving on bandwidth costs.

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Spark care offering expanded:

Cisco Spark now allows help desks and small teams to provide customer care to both internal and external customers through the use of web chat and call back. It allows companies the ability to give their customers faster, more focused customer service, as they have history and content from previous interactions.

Cisco Spark care is an optional licence on the Cisco Spark collaboration platform and is available in April at $17 per named user per month, with an annual subscription.

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