Cloud Based Video Conferencing is Changing the World of Manufacturing


cloud based video conferencing in manufacturing

Businesses who grow through acquisition and merger often need help with revising their unified communications strategy. In many cases, those businesses who were early adopters of video conferencing invested in room-based systems are now finding that it isn’t practical to simply add more room-based systems.  They want to enable users to take advantage of video conferencing outside the boardroom, and yet still benefit from the investment they have already made.

A new strategy is needed – one that encompasses both room-based systems and other platforms.

Furthermore, for those businesses who grow through acquisition and merger, this need can arise and need fixing in a short time frame. 

One of our customers, Britvic, is a great example:

“Video conferencing is an important productivity tool for Britvic. Some years ago, we invested in state-of-the-art room-based video technology, because we could see what an impact this had on our ability to manage and grow globally. But as we continued to expand, adding dedicated ISDN lines to each and every location would not have been cost effective.

As a result, when employees needed to communicate with someone who had no physical access to a room system, they had no choice but to try to use whatever mobile or desktop application was available to them; the communication had become divergent.

Videocall offered a comprehensive approach to our issues. They worked with us to revise a unified communications strategy, helped to implement suitable software and services and now Videocall support and maintain our ICE video communications across the globe.

Today, all our employees and business partners in disparate locations can connect into any of our room-based video conferences with ease. 

Videocall’s ICE concurrent user pricing is a game-changer. We have complete control over our video communication costs, whilst being able to give every employee access to video collaboration tools on whatever platform suits their needs.”

Peter Jackson, Solution Leader, Britvic IT Design and Delivery 

We’ve written a whitepaper focused on some of the challenges facing the manufacturing industry today and how organisations round the world are able to employ unified communications and remote collaboration solutions to solve their problems.

Click below to download our whitepaper “How Video is Changing the World of Manufacturing