Collaboration Tools are Supporting Customer Contact Centres Through the Pandemic

Large brands that are required to offer support to their customer bases have faced some big challenges providing support during the pandemic. According to a survey by the South West Contact Centre Forum, 77% of contact centres had 50% or more of their staff working from home during the crisis and by 2021, 35% of contact centre leaders think that their centres will be mainly homeworking.

[A common sight on a customer service webpage in 2020]

In the survey, 56% of leaders said that they would use technology to manage customer contacts more effectively and 79% of centres invested in video communications or collaboration platforms for their employees.

What this demonstrates, is that organisations with a full, unified collaboration environment have weathered the storm by providing customers with channels to contact their support agents.

So what are the key features of a good collaboration environment that can effectively support a customer contact centre?

Single Platform
Operating multiple collaboration and video platforms only serves to increase costs, create silos within teams or departments and create compatibility issues.

User Experience
User adoption is key to the success of any collaboration platform. Understand user workflows and ensure that the platform protects these familiar workflows to encourage adoption and minimise the risk of shadow IT.

High Quality
Many consumer grade video applications are easy to use and have attractive pricing, but they lack the required enterprise-grade quality of video and audio. An already frustrated customer, struggling to get support over a poor-quality connection will quickly lose patience.

This is very much part of the previous point, but ensure your platform comes with sufficient uptime guarantees so that your service doesn’t experience downtime.

This is not lost on any IT leader, ensure your platform conforms to the highest standards of encryption, data security and has a proper data privacy policy.

It’s not just Contact Centres that have faced challenges this year, IT departments have more demands on them than ever. And when video conferencing or collaboration tools have issues, they are required to fix them. Ensure your collaboration solution provider offers a proper SLA and provides you with a level of support and monitoring that will keep your teams operating and quickly solve any issues.