Customer Service Experience. The single most important factor to a great unified communications service

In a recent survey by contact centre vendor Five9, covered in this article by founder and principal analyst of ZK Research, Zeus Kerravala, it was discovered that customer service experience has overtaken price, product quality, reliability and all the other factors to be the most important deciding factor on a service.

With ninety percent of respondents to the survey citing customer experience as the most important factor, service owners should take note; after all, the users of your unified collaboration service are your internal customers.

So, what makes a good customer service experience when it comes to unified collaboration and video conferencing?

Supporting and resolving issues in an appropriate timely manner for users.

Technology isn’t always as reliable as we would hope, users can sometimes become disengaged or disenfranchised, there is no hiding behind these facts. What is important is the reaction and response to problematic situations; human error from not knowing how to use it properly, or a software or hardware failure. Solving these challenges as and when they happen is key.

Therefore, the answer to providing the best customer experience is having the ability to correct any issues as quickly, painlessly and smoothly as possible, enabling the customer to return to their tasks and business of the day with minimal interruptions.

When once real-time support was essential for every meeting, now a tiered support service is the answer to what many large enterprise businesses should expect when using any unified communications service.

Tiered support gives the business the opportunity to have their required level of support for each and every user and meeting:

Real-Time Concierge Support – For the important board meetings and Executive discussions, Videocall’s vNOC team will actively manage the call in real-time from behind the scenes. Any issues are dealt with as they occur, whilst the participants are kept fully informed of what is happening.

Real-Time Support – Any issues are dealt with promptly in real-time, whilst the participant/participants are kept fully informed of what is happening.

ITIL Service Desk – Under pining the specific activities of the vNOC is Videocall’s service desk. They deliver first and second line ITIL Support. Desk Engineers will resolve issues quickly, ensuring to keep you informed, and where required prompt on site SLA based resolutions.

ITIL Service Desk OUTREACH – Also, under pining the specific activities of the vNOC and Service Desk, is Videocall’s OUTREACH package. It is a remote infrastructure and device management and diagnostic service, that identifies and resolves real-time network and hardware issues.

It is this ability to offer a tiered service model dependant on customer requirements that separates Videocall from other service providers. Offering the real-time support where required and/or the ITIL service desk across everything else.   

Videocall have 20 years’ experience in supporting enterprise businesses with their unified collaboration and video conferencing. We have developed a support package that delivers the required levels of response, built on top of a high quality, secure and reliable service. With our support services in place you can be sure that your customers will be happy with the service. This will result in higher adoption rates, better productivity and efficiency of staff leading to greater profitability and a better ROI. Videocall are a company you can trust to deliver excellent customer service, 24/7/365.

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