Do You Have Individuals Within Your Organisation Who All Want To Use Different Collaboration Platforms? If So ICE Could Be The Answer To All Your Problems!

Within an organisation nowadays there are often numerous different programmes being used for collaboration purposes as well as different devices. Some people want to use Skype for Business, some might prefer Cisco’s Jabber or BlueJeans. At the same time some people might like the experience of running a video conference from a traditional large meeting room, while some like to dial in via phone or use their mobile device or desktop. Catering for all these different programmes and devices can cause serious headaches for your IT department. However we have a solution to this increasingly frustrating problem…our ICE (intelligent cloud experience) platform.

Our ICE platform is fully interoperable and allows the users to connect to a meeting via any video enabled device and manufacturer; whether this be Skype for Business, Jabber, BlueJeans etc. ICE also offers multi-platform interoperability, including H.323, PSTN, ISDN, WebRTC and SIP. As it is fully interoperable you are also able to benefit from not having to rip and replace existing investments to get a single service. Everything that you already have within your company can continue to be used, allowing it to reach ROI.

ICE is a truly interoperable platform; allowing your users to continue to join conferences from whatever video enabled device or programme they are used to using, and regardless of what system the host has used to schedule the meeting. Whether this be connecting with others internally or connecting to third parties and clients – all can be done with ease. It also ensures that the user stays within their current workflow throughout the meeting. For example a Skype for Business user will stay within the Skype for Business interface at all times but can still share or see any content throughout the meeting when the rest of the participants have dialled in from a traditional room system. Something which in the past hasn’t been possible.

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