Doing Enterprise Collaboration the Right Way

Every business wants to have the right collaboration tools that employees use effectively and frequently to deliver improved performance and more efficient working practices.

But what does doing enterprise collaboration the right way mean?

Doing enterprise collaboration the right way means putting in place a solution that delivers a better user experience and an easier, and more affordable deployment. The aim of the game is to make it simple when it comes to enabling users across the enterprise to adopt video as a business tool.

In other words, you need a solution that is:

  • As logical and intuitive as using the telephone
  • Always available
  • Feature rich, with high quality audio and HD video
  • Easy to implement and manage

Interoperable with all kinds of infrastructure, room based video systems, desktop systems and applications, mobile devices.

Of course, as the service provider you will want a solution that is easy to deploy and not heavy on internal resources.

In our last blog ‘The Problem with Most Enterprise Video Systems’ we looked at the fact that until recently, enterprise video had failed to fulfil its promise. To read it, simply click the link.

Thankfully, thanks to Videocall, providing the combination of more effective and productive collaboration is a reality.

Videocall’s Intelligent Cloud Experience (ICE), powered by Polycom’s RealPresence platform provides the ultimate in audio and visual quality, simple user experience and interoperability.

Quite simply, ICE represents a quantum leap in video features, interoperability, manageability and scalability for enterprises of any size.

Benefits of Intelligent Cloud Experience (ICE)

We like to think that ICE is the platform enterprise businesses have been waiting for, a highly effective and highly scalable cloud-based video conferencing solution.

  • Device and system agnostic – ICE works in conjunction with your existing infrastructure to enhance, not disrupt, daily operations
  • Secure and reliable – with powerful backend security protocols and 24/7 support from our dedicated vNOC and Service Desk teams
  • Native support for Microsoft Skype for Business – let employees work with an interface they are familiar with – we can even connect your Microsoft 365 estate to your conferencing technology
  • Virtual meeting rooms – every user has a virtual meeting room from which they can schedule or hold ad hoc meeting with people inside - and outside - the company

ICE truly uses the power of the cloud to deliver a truly enterprise level collaboration experience.  

The thought of moving your collaboration technology to the cloud can be daunting, but with Videocall and ICE, the journey can be taken at your pace, with on-premises or hybrid deployments still capable of delivering the full enterprise service.

In the next blog, we will be looking at the journey to the cloud in more detail, and de-bunking a few cloud myths. To jump ahead and read about those now, you can download the whitepaper ‘Re-imagined – Video Communications and Collaboration in the Cloud’ here.

Alternatively, if you would like to see a demonstration of ICE or would like to discuss your collaboration environment and migration to the cloud then simply use our contact form, email us at or call us on +44 (0)1276 706 706.