Eliminating Complexity in the Collaboration Cloud with Polycom and Videocall

One of the main reasons that companies currently come to Videocall for, is cloud. Whether they have already taken a step to move to the cloud, are thinking about it, or want to explore the benefits. Everyone is talking collaboration cloud.

Videocall support more than 500 enterprise and multinational businesses with their collaboration needs, globally. With over 20 years of collaboration and managed services experience, we have become known as experts at what we do. What exactly do we do? What is our USP?

We do something that no-one else does. We support companies with their collaboration strategy, designing a service that will benefit them and help them to grow as a business. We then use our qualified experts to install all the technical components, whether that be hardware or software, before finally providing on-going ITIL, best in class support through the highest level of SLA possible.

End-to-end knowledge, guidance and expertise with on-going support. No-one else does it all.

Eliminate Complexity with Polycom-Powered Collaboration in the Cloud whitepaper -  read here

Here at Videocall we have our own cloud platform called ICE. ICE was designed to offer enterprise companies with the full functionality they expect from an on-premises service, but delivered from the cloud. Expected high quality, security and reliability are combined with ease of use, familiar workflows and full interoperability to any H.323 or SIP service including Microsoft’s Skype for Business and Teams.

ICE was built on Polycom technology, the RealPresence Cloud to be precise. Polycom, like Videocall, have a fantastic history within the collaboration industry. Being a global supplier of high quality collaboration technology, Polycom’s RealPresence Cloud, cements ICE’s credibility as the best agnostic collaboration cloud platform available.  

Business collaboration for users is supposed to be easy to do, reliable, and make daily business life more productive, no matter the technology or service being used.

In the past collaboration has been labelled as:

  • A big investment – thanks to the high costs associated with devices and extensive infrastructure requirements, most video conferencing remains confined to conference rooms. Which in turn restricts availability and reach
  • Complex – users often have difficulty launching calls and connecting to meetings, resulting in a less than optimal experience most people would rather avoid
  • Difficult to manage – most video conferencing deployments require extensive IT investment and user hand-holding. All of which stretches IT resources and makes management a complex proposition

Thankfully times have changed and thanks to Videocall, things that previously have been challenges have been removed, leaving only opportunities for ROI, improved time to market and flexibility for workers.

Videocall eliminate the complexity allowing businesses to concentrate on what makes you money.

We have written a whitepaper on the subject that you can read here, and will also be covering off further topics in following blogs.

However, if you are already planning a complex collaboration deployment, or have one on the horizon, why not talk to us today and relieve some of the burden and stress. Our experts will help you through every step of the process, and the on-going support afterwards, no matter how complicated it seems.

Call us on +44 (0)1276 706 706, email cloud@videocall.co.uk or use our contact form to get in touch. A thirty minute conversation with us today could really help your business.