Empowering Field Sales Teams with Video Conferencing

Collaboration has always been important to successful business operations, but it is even more critical today, when as many as 25% of employees work from a remote office or other location. The changing nature of the workforce puts a lot of pressure on organisations to keep their sales teams focused, driven and productive as they become more physically remote.

Employing video conferencing and online collaboration solutions to support a “virtual workplace”—an environment in which a large number of employees work in locations that are different from those of their colleagues, managers and direct reports, as well as partners and customers—can offer significant benefits when it comes to empowering sales teams in the field.

Sales professionals need easy-to-use, cost-efficient collaboration tools to:

  • Hold face-to-face meetings with prospects online
  • Increase daily appointments by reducing travel time
  • Read non-verbal cues to determine how your message is being received
  • Show and demo your products, solutions or proposals
  • Host or join a meeting remotely on any device, from any location

Click below to download our white paper “Empowering Remote Employees with Video Conferencing” to find out more about how a single video collaboration provider can empower your remote workforce and deliver a better return on investment.