Enhance User Experience and Add Value - With Unified Service Management

Sometimes a new service, application or software is introduced to an enterprise and it’s an instant hit. Adoption rates are high from day one, worker communities are enthused, keen to embrace the change and passionate about their new process. It’s the dream result for a business striving towards continuous improvement, and certainly helps speed up the time to ROI.
But what makes a new application a hit? What differentiator provides engagement to the whole spectrum of users?

Ease. Simplicity. Convenience. And if it’s alleviated a difficult process, then all the better.

Videocall’s EAGLE service management platform is designed to be that service that provides instant improvement. Creating a unified booking management tool for your meeting rooms, smart working spaces and video conferencing estate, EAGLE adds value from day one.

In the fourth blog looking at Videocall’s managed service approach to video conferencing we talk to our vNOC Service Managers about EAGLE. They share their insights about how you can add to your service from our toolkit of products and drive adoption through your user communities.

Q. Can you describe the EAGLE service for us?

EAGLE is a Microsoft Outlook interoperable platform in which the whole enterprise can book meeting rooms, smart working areas and video conferences from a single environment, from any device. All from a global, managed directory. And, with self-serve analytics and reporting, you can monitor engagement, usage trends and ROI.

Q. Will it work with my existing conferencing estate?

EAGLE is designed to work with any standards based conferencing estate. Each site is certified remotely then it’s ready for use throughout the enterprise.

Q. Can I access it from any device?

Yes. Conferencing systems, desktop, laptop, tablets, smart phones; as long as you can get online you can access EAGLE. And, if you chose to integrate it with Microsoft Outlook you can book your meeting areas directly from the Outlook environment.

Q. How is EAGLE deployed?

As a cloud delivered portal it is deployed remotely, by our vNOC team - so you won’t have anything to set up. Your enterprise will have a profile which is populated with your global directory and meeting environments. We will work with your onsite support team to certify your conferencing suites to ensure compatibility of software and hardware.

Q. What’s does the alternative to not using a service management platform look like?

Multiple environments – one booking platform for video conferencing services, another for your in-house smart working and non-audio video rooms and Outlook for calendar management. Often with you having to check multiple booking systems to ensure you can reserve rooms and book conferencing services at the same time.
EAGLE will unite your scheduling by capturing all the information in one easy to use, simple to navigate, intuitive environment. You can see company wide availability of your environments, your meeting space will be reserved and your invitees will receive a notification in their calendar.

Q. What kind of training will user communities need?

Very little thanks to the simple look and feel of EAGLE. Our Solutions Engineers will provide you with a comprehensive user guide and will conference with your teams to walk you through the service in real time, on screen. And, our vNOC team are available to support you on an ongoing basis.

Q. How can I use the reporting and analytics to add further value to the service?

The reporting tool is an invaluable feature. Usage reporting will ensure your assets are managed efficiently making sure your conferencing estate is located where it’s most needed. You can identify pockets of high use so you can facilitate further services.
Incident reports will ensure we manage in conference problems together. We can ascertain patterns and make recommendations to avoid repeat issues.
Monitor your journey to ROI by assessing the investment in service over the costs of travelling to meetings on site.

Q. How does EAGLE sit in the bigger picture of a managed service from Videocall?

EAGLE comes as standard with our cloud service, ICE, meaning you have a complete end to end conferencing service.
If your enterprise requires a tiered approach to managed conferences, EAGLE can facilitate a concierge service with our vNOC or ad-hoc self-service bookings – and you can set the limitations as to which user communities have access to each level of use.
Microsoft Outlook can be integrated so users can remain in their current workflow whilst using the service – and scheduled meetings arrive in users calendars.

EAGLE is designed to allow you to harness control over all aspects of your conferencing service – with the added benefits of bringing non-conference bookings under the same umbrella. Easy to use, accessible anywhere and fully supported, EAGLE will add visibility and simplicity to your communications strategy.

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