Enterprise Collaboration MUST contain three words – Quality, Reliability and Security

Collaboration in enterprise companies is vital to success – As the service owner, you get that it speeds up time to market, allows staff to be more flexible, reduces time spent travelling and more. Video collaboration will deliver ROI quicker and become better adopted when three words are considered at the point of implementing the service:




Like a Venn diagram, enterprise companies need a service that combines all three of these factors. Many companies may ‘claim’ to have all three ticked off in their service; but in reality customers are finding this isn’t true.

How do we know that we actually do?

When we have companies coming to Videocall that have tried and tested other video services, only to find them not fit for purpose, we delight in their reaction seeing how we exceed their expectations.

They are pleasantly surprised that our service meets the high level requirements that enterprise companies and the service owners demand. If you have been promised this in the past only to have it unfulfilled, we feel for your pain. Our focus is entirely around improving collaboration for enterprise, national and multi-national companies. Click here to see just a selection of the companies we work with

Video conferencing is in our DNA. It is the only thing we do as a company, and as such we get it right. From start to finish our managed service proposition is tailored to your specific collaborations challenges and goals, and designed to not only take you from point A to point B, but beyond.

Our solutions have the foundation of a commercially compelling proposition both initially and throughout the life of the deployment. This is critical as it scales to fit your business needs.

In particular our ICE service – It is a video as a service platform that is testament to those three words mentioned in the heading:

Quality – The highest quality audio and video across any device in any room size or desktop/mobile device; room system; Skype for Business; Jabber etc.

Reliability – Our service is underpinned by the highest level SLA with 99.999% availability and full 24/7/365 global customer support

Security – Apart from having achieved our ISO 27001, both our ICE platform and Videocall as a company leverage powerful backend physical and logical security standards

Our latest update to the ICE service, V6, enhances our offering even more with the introduction of Super Ports. You can read about why you should be demanding Super Ports for your collaboration service in our game changing blog.

On top of that ICE offers native integration to Microsoft – Skype for Business, Outlook and O365. Read more about why you should have ICE on your collaboration shortlist in our ICE V6 eBook.