Find Out More about the ICE and Skype for Business Relationship

The latest update to our cloud service offering ICE, is now available. Containing many new features Managing Director of Videocall Rob Portwood said “This is probably the most exciting update to ICE since we first launched it. It is not just us getting excited about this new release either, but both Polycom® and Microsoft®, as they can also see the potential in what we have built.”

ICE is our video conferencing cloud based service that delivers enterprise functionality in an easy-to-use, reliable and scalable solution. Find out more about ICE here.

Using our strong partnership with Polycom, we have been able to add both RealConnect™, ContentConnect and RealPresence® Web Suite Pro, as well as build a dynamic directory service to make it easier to use than ever.

We have upgraded because, a large number of businesses have invested in Microsoft 365 and/or Skype for Business. It has given them an entry in to video conferencing within their company. What we have generally seen is that take-up and usage starts to grow exponentially and companies need to look for a bigger solution to ensure that video conferencing remains fit for purpose.

Ensuring that ICE could have the best possible connection to Microsoft’s Skype for Business was seen as a business critical move for us. That is what Polycom RealConnect offers” continued Rob. “We are now in a position that ICE is the only service that preserves the user experience and workflow for both Skype for Business clients and legacy video conferencing systems. This minimises the use of resources, and therefore costs, outside of the Skype for Business environment, and allows people to work in the environment they are used to.


By including Polycom RealConnect, ICE will have the following features:

  • Single scheduling and dialling workflow that leverages Microsoft Outlook
  • Single Click-to-join for both Skype for Business clients and Polycom video endpoints
  • Users continue to enjoy the native Skype for Business experience
  • Enables Cisco endpoints for calendaring and click-to-join experience
  • Bi-directional content, including Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) sent to Skype for Business users for native content experience
  • Conferences hosted on both Skype for Business Server AVMCU and Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server for resource optimization

And, by including RealPresence Web Suite Pro the following features will be added:

  • Multi-stream content sharing enables multiple documents to be viewed simultaneously including whiteboard, blackboard, and annotation
  • Simple click-to-connect convenience quickly brings participants into a meeting on a PC, tablet, or smartphone by clicking a URL link received in an IM, email, or calendar invitation
  • High-quality B2B collaboration and B2C video conferencing leverages the Polycom RealPresence Platform – the industry`s most interoperable, scalable, and secure video infrastructure solution

In the current video conferencing climate there are a number of factors that we know that companies need from their service, to ensure the maximum take-up, use and therefore return of investment:

Reliability; scalability, security, ease of use, accessibility and the level of support provided. These are all areas that ICE and Videocall excel in, and when put beside the ability to have ad-hoc, scheduled or managed video conferences, make ICE the industry leading solution.

ICE really has been designed with enterprise functionality in mind, and continues to be improved so that companies can get the most from video conferencing, collaborate from wherever, and make the most of disperse workforces.

If you think that ICE might be right for your business, or if you simply want to find out why Polycom and Microsoft are so excited about version 5, then use the contact form to the right and get in touch and arrange a demonstration to see for yourself.