Get More from Microsoft Skype for Business

Microsoft have been supplying tools and applications for businesses for decades. In fact, it is known that there are over 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users and currently over 85 million Microsoft Office365 users across 140 countries in the world.

With the Office suite containing tools like Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Microsoft has had the business basics covered for a while. But with businesses changing, time to market shortening and the way we work altering, Microsoft has had to adapt; and adapt it has.

In the last five years Microsoft has launched its dedicated cloud space for business and personal use – One Drive, and its move into the world of unified collaboration with Skype for Business.

Businesses love Microsoft…

A recent statistic from Spiceworks showed firstly that companies with 500+ employees were more likely to already be using a messaging unified collaboration tool within their business, with 53% doing so. Secondly, 50% of those companies that were already using a messaging application were using Skype for Business.

These stats will not come as a shock to many people and might in fact be lower than most would have predicted. The problem is that most companies are not using Skype for Business to its full potential. It’s like using Excel, but then using a separate calculator to add up your finance spreadsheets. There is great functionality within Skype for Business, you just have to use it.

Skype for Business is video capable, yet many companies will not invest in the licence required to unlock the ability for employees to use it. Skype is truly device agnostic and is a good option for diverse flexible teams to collaborate when not in the same office or country.

Skype for Business offers full interoperability into Outlook, allowing users to book meetings as they have always done; and it has the interface of Skype and Lync that so many people are familiar with. This means holding a video conference to really discuss the vital points of a meeting is easy and requires little to no training, as the interface is familiar to the majority of employees already.

One problem that many companies have been making, is the oversite between connecting Skype for Business users to other employees, clients, customers or partners who may not be using Skype for Business. What do you do here?

With companies such as StarLeaf creating technology that allows people using traditional room system technology like Polycom, Cisco or Lifesize, to connect with users in the Skype for Business environment, you have a solution that is not just a computer connected to a monitor in the meeting room. More on this in our next blog!

StarLeaf’s GTm range of products offer a fantastic way to connect with non-Skype for Business endpoints, enabling enterprise level functionality that is expected in meeting rooms. When combined with Videocall’s managed service and ICE VaaS platform, you will have a unified collaboration service that makes the most of Skype for Business and delivers a truly fit for purpose communications solution.

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