Get The Best Managed Video Conferencing Service Available For Senior Partners Of Your Law Firm

I am a service owner looking for the best video conferencing service available for my managing partners.

As the service owner of video conferencing within my firm I am responsible for ensuring that we have the services in place to meet the requirements expected by all partners and associates within the firm, particularly the most senior partners, who often have a specific list of requirements. They expect:

  • To be able to have ‘touch free’ meetings – they can walk in to the room and the meeting is already set up and ready to begin, they do not need to do anything themselves
  • 1st line support within a meeting – they expect to be able to get help and support the second a problem arises within the meeting and have it resolved in meeting
  • Seamless experience – the risk of problems arising before or during the meeting are minimal
  • Highest level of quality and experience with audio, visual and content
  • Ease of connection to third parties – want to know all locations are tested prior to the meeting

How can Videocall provide a service to meet, or exceed these expectations?

Videocall’s vNOC services provide a 24/7/365 real time meeting management service that can cover the whole lifecycle of video conference management. It can include:

  • Arranging meetings and inviting all attendees on behalf of the client - whether this be internal or 3rd party clients
  • Supporting conferences to ensure they are ready to begin on time - this allows executives to walk in to the room with the meeting already set up and running, or to start the call via a simple ‘one touch’ join button
  • Making sure all conferences are of the quality expected - both video and audio will be tested prior to a call taking place to allow for updates and fixes in advance of the meeting
  • Any issues during the conference are addressed in line with the service level selected - this can include the operator sitting on the call watching and listening for any issues that arise and resolving any problems in real time on the conference

Our vNOC service allows a tiered scale of support, covering every level from self-service to concierge. The scale of these services can be changed and depending on the level of user, can be utilised as each firm sees fit. It can also be added to the normal service that allows the majority of the firm to schedule and run their own conferences.

If this sounds like an ideal solution for your firm, or you feel that your video conferencing services can be improved with the help of our vNOC team, email us on or call us on +44 (0) 1276 706 706