Global Video Communications Support - A Case Study


On 1st January 2015, offshore law firm Collas Crill announced their merger with Cayman-based law firm Card and became the first and only law firm with offices in Singapore, The Cayman Islands, London and each of the Channel Islands.

Collas Crill had already invested in room-based video systems which worked well across the existing geographies, and whilst they planned to extend this to the Cayman Islands office, the practicality of having ONLY room-based systems when communicating across three different time zones was brought into question. The partners and directors wanted to be able to communicate with each other on their choice of device, and in their choice of location, without the burden of booking a conference room and being in the right room at the right time.

Collas Crill set out to find a solution that is both cost effective and offers flexibility for the directors to communicate with each other and with people outside their business across different time zones, outside local office hours, and on their choice of device. Communications quality is a priority, and on top of that secure access to calls, given the nature of their business, is paramount.

Following market research by Nico Maritz (Group Head of IT at Collas Crill), two vendors – Blue Jeans and Videocall - were selected to propose solutions.

Each solution was trialled by Collas Crill, and Videocall’s ICE solution came out on top for quality, flexibility, security, and cost.

Videocall proposed maintaining Collas Crill’s room-based systems, adding another to the Cayman office, and overlaying ICE - our cloud-based, business grade Video As A Service solution.

Collas Crill partners and directors can leverage their investment in room-based systems but now have the option of taking part in video conferences using desktops and mobile devices from locations other than where the room-based systems are located. 

For people out on the road or lacking access to a network that is suitable for video, ICE provides the option to add an audio facility so that they can still dial into a video conference.

Finally, being based on the number of concurrent users, Collas Crill can potentially allocate individual meeting rooms to every director and additional room-based systems as required, but the charges are based on the number of calls taking place at any one time – thus making the solution cost-effective and flexible at the same time.

 “ICE works brilliantly! Lots of good feedback from everyone around our offices, now including CAYMAN! Videocall addressed all of our requirements in a very practical way – their solution made use of our existing hardware investment whilst adding flexibility, reducing costs and improving quality and security at the same time. Having a single supplier for all of our video communications whom we can call on 24 x 7 x 365 takes a huge headache away from our IT department. Their telephone support service is excellent and having a contract to replace any faulty equipment within 24 hours gives us peace of mind.

The simplicity with which ad-hoc secure video calls are set up impressed the team at Collas Crill.  Being entirely self-service suits the partners and directors who need to be able to quickly set up and join video conversations, and the impact is that ICE helps to maximise productivity across the firm. 

Today, Collas Crill considers using video collaboration as business-as-usual, rather than a special event to be planned in advance.

We are continuing to work with Videocall to expand video collaboration across our organisation.”

Nico Maritz, Group Head of Information Technology at Collas Crill