How Can Law Firms Keep Their Digital Natives Satisfied, and Attract More Millennials?

The world has become one large digital space. Those that have not already adjusted to this are now being left behind as more and more digital natives flock into powerful positions within the workspace expecting certain standards, and millennials look to join a company that matches their ambition and desires.

Law firms are no exception, and many firms are starting to see potential key partners and talented young lawyers move to firms that have already made the investment in to a digital future and offer them not just the latest technology, but the digital way of working.

So, what is it that they are looking for when deciding on competing offers from one or more firm?

Lawyers expect simple to use collaboration technology that still maintains a high quality end result. Availability and accessibility; whenever from wherever. Confidence in the reliability of the technology alongside security; knowing that all data is kept securely away from external eyes.

This technology improves the work/life balance, something that was cited as being extremely important in a recent study of Generation Y or Digital Natives by Legal Week. In fact 93% of those surveyed said that work/life balance was very important to them, rating more important than bonuses.

It has been proven time and time again that happy workers are more productive and generate better results. In a time when law firms are bringing in project managers to deliver work on time and on budget, and where ‘efficiency’ has become the buzzword across the growing global client base; happy employees are what every law firm wants.

So apart from the obvious mobile technology, laptops and broadband connection, what is it that will help law firms retain their staff?


The key technology to get right is video conferencing. With the right service, video conferencing provides its users with something that ticks all the right boxes, including providing the ability for companies to have flexible working practices, improving that all important work/life balance.

Instant face-to-face contact with other employees within the company as well as with clients. Something that before might have eaten up valuable time due to excess travelling. Meetings can be held with less chance of rescheduling being required, which in turn increases that all important efficiency and making the work/life balance better.

Can it really be as simple as that? Of course not.

There are many services available that simply do not live up to the price tag that they have been given. Low quality sound and video; not being a real cloud service as advertised and being difficult to scale are just three issues that many law firms come up against after implementation.

Ensuring that the correct video conferencing service is deployed globally is key. Everyone, no matter where in the world should be having the same high level of experience, being able to hold a meeting in the same simple way, and get the same results each time.

In fact using video conferencing correctly can be seen as a way of increasing the revenue of a law firm. Read our white paper to find out more about how you can implement the correct strategy and service for your company.

Whether the law firm is looking for employees at partner level or recruiting the best talent from university. The workplace is changing. Having an understanding of how digital natives and millennials think, and what drives them, will become an increasing factor to the success rate. These people have grown up with flexible, available collaboration tools, and expect the same technology in their workplace as they use at home.

Technology is only going to become more important in the work/life balance see-saw; so get on board before it is too late.