How Centralised Management can Benefit your Business Communications

PolycomRealPresenceOngoing technological advances in recent years have enhanced the pervasive nature of video conferencing, meaning that organisations of different shapes and sizes are relying more and more on video collaboration for their business communications. Depending on your company’s structure, the team responsible for video operations may not be the same as the team who owns and manages the virtual environment. This requires further coordination and planning in the design, deployment/installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting for the video applications.

New tools and applications such as Polycom RealPresence® Platform Director may help solve some of these management challenges. RealPresence® Platform Director is a new software management solution providing comprehensive management tools to reduce installation time, manage resources, and monitor a RealPresence® Platform network including both virtual edition components and hardware appliances. This management application allows video administrators to get a centralised view of their entire infrastructure, monitor critical parameters in their deployments (hardware or software) and manage virtualised infrastructure.

The application has several benefits:

  • Centralised management to provision, manage and monitor the RealPresence® Platform Virtual Editions
  • Supports hybrid deployment models by monitoring both RealPresence® Platform Virtual Editions and hardware appliance based components
  • Quick turn up enables easier and faster deployment and usage
  • Dashboard real-time monitoring of component/application status, along with CPU, memory and storage, and network status

With this centralised tool, the admin can manage their infrastructure and not have to worry about a myriad of other applications that are virtualised. RealPresence® Platform Director can also show extremely useful analytics comparing real time vs. historical trends of usage. Other considerations are the tools and installation process. The video infrastructure is delivered with not only the relevant applications (e.g. RealPresence® DMA, RealPresence® Resource Manager, etc.), but also virtual machine tools for IP viewing, monitoring and diagnostics. Therefore, this may help alleviate some common support and access requests.

But how do you choose a suitable video collaboration solution for your organisation – one which meets your business communications needs while at the same time providing you with all the benefits of centralised management?

Take a look at this white paper from Polycom which reviews the areas that organisations need to consider in order to make an informed decisions about their virtualised video collaboration network.

Image courtesy of Polycom