How do you cater for all your unified collaboration users when they are using different platforms?

As a service owner how do you keep all your users happy when they want to use various platforms, services and endpoints? Do you have users on Skype for Business, Jabber, BlueJeans and more all wanting to be in the same meeting? What sacrifices must be considered, and at what cost to the overall service, usage and ROI?   

There is a lot of talk from vendors about ‘users defining their way of working’, and making sure that ‘workflows are maintained’ so that ROI on collaboration spend can be seen quickly. That’s great until you look deeper and start to realise that it seems that each vendors solution appears very siloed, and could cause as many issues as it solves. They have not built their service to talk with one from another vendor.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single service platform available from a trusted video conferencing company that could connect all these different workflows, maintaining each process, to deliver a fit for purpose, secure, reliable option?

Introducing ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience), Videocall’s video as a service (VaaS) platform. ICE connects and enhances services from all the major vendors, allowing users to connect using the service they choose, maintaining the workflow that they are used to.

ICE allows users of Jabber or Skype for Business to connect to users using meeting rooms, or third parties connecting via BlueJeans. In fact you could have a meeting where all these different services were connected, an no one would know, because their meeting experience has not changed.  

ICE allows users to connect via the service they choose, as we discussed in the previous blog.

As the pressure of providing a successful global unified collaboration solution increases across enterprise businesses, so does the argument to silo the whole service through one vendor. This can have a huge detrimental effect on adoption and usage, and often appears to mean throwing still working technology away. We are the alternative and can help you achieve your KPI’s.

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