How Global Law Firm Collas Crill Improved Video Conferencing Security


Security is crucial to video conferencing. 65% of key decision makers identify security challenges as the top issue faced when implementing video collaboration solutions (Forrester).

During a video conference, sensitive information and data travels across internal and external networks where it can be susceptible to security breaches. In the worst case scenario, if a network is hacked, the video conference system becomes the hacker`s own private surveillance camera, recording corporate secrets and sensitive data.

Videocall have helped many companies across all industries to reap the benefits of video conferencing while having peace of mind that their sensitive data and private information is in safe hands.

Global law firm Collas Crill needed a video collaboration solution and given the nature of their business and the sensitive information they deal with on a day-to-day-basis, a highly secure system was the key driver.

Collas Crill had previously invested in room-based video systems, but wanted the directors to be able to communicate with each other and with people outside their business across different time zones, outside local office hours, and on their choice of device.

Collas Crill set out to find a solution that is both flexible and cost effective, but most importantly of all, given the nature of their business, providing secure access to calls. Videocall proposed maintaining Collas Crill’s room-based systems, and overlaying ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) – our cloud-based, business grade Video as a Service solution, which let them take part in meetings on any device, any location.

Partners and directors now have the option of taking part in secure video conferences using desktops and mobile devices from locations other than where the room-based systems are located.

“ICE works brilliantly! Videocall addressed all of our requirements in a very practical way – their solution made use of our existing hardware investment whilst adding flexibility, reducing costs and improving quality and security at the same time. The simplicity with which ad-hoc secure video calls are set up impressed the team at Collas Crill. We are continuing to work with Videocall to expand video collaboration across our organisation.”

Nico Maritz, Group Head of Information Technology at Collas Crill

Is your video conferencing system vulnerable to security breaches?

Are there any cracks in your security protocols or have you taken all measures necessary to ensure company data and sensitive information transmitted over your network is as secure as possible?

If your company uses video conferencing to discuss sensitive information or transmit private data then you should consider a security health check.

What are the most common challenges associated with video collaboration security? How can organisations minimise security risk?

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