How HR Can Overcome Remote Hiring Challenges with Video Conferencing


According to Aberdeen Group, HR leaders require a new understanding of how technology can help the bridge the geographic and demographic differences among their workforce. And organisations need to rethink their talent strategies to take full advantage of a broader talent pool.

Distance has always been a communications challenge for businesses to overcome, and since the first ever telephone call, organisations have worked to harness the power of technology to help them communicate and collaborate across distance.

The good news is, advancements in Internet technology and the increasing pervasiveness of video conferencing as a communications tool have allowed organisations to begin to bridge this distance and connect people to each other and to the information they require to execute and innovate.

Here are some of the benefits video collaboration has created for HR professionals:

  • Increased recruitment efficiency
  • More productive work environments where employees can easily communicate and collaborate
  • On-demand and remote access to live training using video to support career development and personal growth plans