How IT Improves Productivity in the Construction Industry


When managing construction projects communication is key. The timely and precise exchange of information is essential between construction workers and designers, engineers and clients.

Construction companies are now seeing the great benefits of implementing a video conferencing or unified collaboration solution into their operation that enables much faster collaboration, reduced operating costs and higher productivity.

Of these benefits, improving productivity is perhaps the most significant. Business leaders across the construction industry acknowledge that there is a productivity problem, which heightens risk and tightens profit margins. 74% of construction professionals claim that lacking productivity is a major challenge for their company, while nearly 50% believe that their firms have failed to come up with a coherent strategy to address this problem. (The Economist)

Video collaboration solutions enable disparate parties to view plans, 3D models and site progress and get instant feedback.  Project managers, engineers and architects can support multiple sites, visually collaborating in real time on any device, in any location, with any number of parties at any time – simply and reliably.  The ability to judge response based on facial expressions and body language is important in global projects where words alone don’t quite convey what is meant.

Video communication enables fast, efficient and accurate collaboration, ensuring quality project management and shorter project time frames.

The end result of enhanced communication can be reduced time-to-completion and significantly higher levels of productivity.

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