How to get the most from a Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex

The Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex. Polycom’s new solution for enterprise companies to get a truly immersive collaborative meeting without all the pain and suffering that older immersive suites used to deliver.

In our last blog, ‘The Specs of the RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex’ we looked at what the Immersive Studio Flex is made up of; from screens to audio, and how interoperable and affordable it is. If you missed it, simply click the link.

We also wrote a blog on ‘Immersive telepresence is dead. Long live immersive telepresence.’ We looked at how the Immersive Studio Flex is revamping a dying market, by changing the perception on what immersive telepresence should be within a business. We have also written an eBook that covers off the Flex, it’s specs and the benefits it offers in more depth. You can read it here.

In this blog, we are going to look at how you can get the most from purchasing an Immersive Studio Flex.

Here are our tips and things to remember:

  • Make the Immersive Studio Flex available to all staff – We cannot stress enough that achieving ROI on an Immersive Studio Flex can be realised quicker if the company mindset is changed to say that immersive conferencing is for everyone, and not just for the board of directors and executive level. Which leads on to…
  • Don’t plan on putting the Immersive Studio Flex in the boardroom – The workplace is changing, and companies are creating more mid to large sized meeting rooms due to demand. Make sure the Immersive Studio Flex is accessible, and that employees won’t be over seeded by ‘more important’ employees that need to hold ‘business critical’ meetings in the boardroom
  • Remember that you don’t need two or more Immersive Studio Flex’s to use one – The Immersive Studio Flex has been designed so that it can connect to any other video enabled endpoint, be that a room system, laptop, mobile device or other. The multiple screen layout options make it perfect for meetings with lots of participants dialling in on multiple devices. Make the most of three screens
  • Forget that Immersive Telepresence is expensive to buy and maintain – Polycom have really flipped this myth. The Immersive Studio Flex is affordable and does not need the expensive maintenance contracts that older equipment required
  • You can deploy the Immersive Studio Flex how you like - The Immersive Studio Flex can be deployed into your VaaS estate of video enabled devices, whether they are being used in an on-premises, cloud or hybrid service

The bottom line - Polycom’s new Immersive Studio Flex is fantastic. We are not saying that for any other reason than it being the truth. It will fit into any enterprise business communications plan and provide the perfect balance between being ‘the toy’ for the Executives and performing the day to day functionality of connecting to Microsoft Skype for Business, to other room systems or mobile devices. By simply following our tips, you will achieve ROI quicker, and see the usage of the Immersive Studio Flex increase.

Download the Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex eBook to find out more.

See it for real:

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