How To Pick Names For Your Collaboration Spaces

There’s a responsibility in choosing a name. Get it right and people will have an instant idea of what that space is all about. You can see how a name has a certain power. The question is, how do you get your creative juices flowing, and find the perfect ones for your business?

It’s about culture

As part of an overall business plan, a good deal of time is spent defining company culture. Extending from each far corner of a brand, this is the glue that holds the proposition together. And your collaboration spaces are a big part of this picture.

This is where your people spend time connecting, generating ideas, working. As we’ve covered, a name says an awful lot about you. Thinking about what employees will take from the names of each collaboration space will effectively set the tone. It enables staff to feel a connection with the company they’re a part of.

To see this concept in action, just look at Uber’s c-change back in 2017. Amid reports of discrimination and harassment, they renamed the collaboration space, the War Room, to the Peace Room.

It’s about positivity

There’s a lot to be said for infusing your staff with positive energy. Positivity is said to stimulate creativity, constructiveness, and generosity. Everything a successful business needs to keep its momentum.

Seemingly little details like the look and feel of a working environment have a big impact on this. The places where your employees collaborate need to inspire and reinforce good experiences. You’re putting the language your company speaks front and centre. For example, HubSpot uses the names of inspirational people for their collaboration spaces. eBay uses its product category names. Thinking about it, what could give an employee more focus in a meeting about cars than walking into a room called “motors”.

It’s about vision

Talking about HubSpot and eBay set the tone for choosing your own names. Notably, they both focus on meaningful things for each business. More examples like this later. But let’s talk more about vision. Looking to the future is the important bit.

Your company could grow exponentially. That means that something that’s scalable is important. Choosing a theme that can grow as you do gives it longevity. And have fun with it! There’s nothing more uninspiring than a collaboration space that well, doesn’t inspire. It’s a serious business choosing a name. But that doesn’t mean that the names must be serious.

Inspo and learnings

So, top rules for naming collaboration spaces include:

  • Aligning it with your company culture
  • Finding a theme that can grow as your company does
  • Having fun and choosing names that will inspire

Does that still leave you in a quandary when finding your own direction? As a final treat, here are some of our favourite examples to help get your inspiration in check:

  • Twitter – you guessed it. Twitter’s conference rooms are named after birds. Scalable. Fun. On brand. We love it.
  • Airbnb – with names like Rio, New South Wales, and Mumbai, Airbnb focusses on the locations of their most inspirational listings across the world.
  • Goldman Sachs – unsurprisingly, it’s all about numbers. Yes, that could sound dry, but for them, it’s classic and highlights their mission to make numbers, in the $$$’s.

In conclusion …

Names are significant. Taking time to find the right names for your collaboration spaces can have a big effect on the atmosphere in your business. As Uber demonstrated, settling down for a meeting in the Peace Room can feel very different from that of the War Room.

The golden rules for choosing names for your collaboration spaces are simple. Finding a theme that means something to your business and ties in with your culture is first and foremost. But make sure it’s scalable. And have fun in the process! Because let’s face it, positivity comes down to enjoying what you do.