Hybrid Enterprise Collaboration Cloud

As we continue our series of blogs on the collaboration cloud, the types, business advantages, how companies can migrate to it and importantly, why so many companies are choosing Videocall’s collaboration cloud as the platform for their success.

The previous blogs have covered the topics of why the collaboration cloud is as good as any other IT cloud, why Britvic, Linklaters and Lendlease have approached Videocall to discuss public or private clouds, and left as satisfied customers. Simply click the links to read any of the blogs should you have missed them.

Within this content we will be focussing on hybrid cloud deployments and the advantages that they can offer enterprise companies. For a detailed view  on all the various types of collaboration cloud, please read our definitions on types of cloud here.

The hybrid collaboration cloud can offer companies the solution to the challenge of whether they should be investing on-premises or in a public cloud service. With a hybrid cloud solution, you get the best of both. The balance between what remains on-premises and what goes into the public cloud depends on the amount in-house resource you have to maintain the on-premises element of the service.

Hybrid cloud solutions help companies through the migration process of on-premises to the cloud. A large international law firm that we have worked with for many years, used Videocall to help with the transition of having a mixed estate consisting of an existing on-premises core, with the need to make collaboration more flexible using desktop and mobile devices. Using a hybrid cloud deployment meant that the on-premises core could continue to be used until end of life through Videocall maintenance and support, generating further ROI and lengthening the time before the cloud replacement was required. This would run happily side by side with a conferencing service delivered from Videocall’s ICE platform, in our public cloud.

This hybrid stepping stone has allowed many companies to start their cloud migration whilst still ‘sweating’ their on-premises assets; and without compromising on the level of service they expect from that collaboration service before moving completely to the cloud.

When ITE Group came to Videocall, they were looking to deploy to a secure cloud, continue to utilise their mixed vendor estate that included hardware from Tandberg, Cisco and Lifesize, and they required that customers with Skype for Business could connect to ITE’s meeting technology. With a global presence across 12 countries, ITE required that the cloud they migrated delivered a reliable, high quality service that was easy to use. ITE chose to use Videocall’s ICE platform, and fully migrated to our public cloud because it helped them accomplish all of their business collaboration objectives.

Neil Burman – IT Director

“Since moving our video infrastructure to Videocall, the quality and reliability of the system has improved dramatically.  Senior management are happy, the IT team have more time to deal with user issues not video conference problems, use of the system (both from board room systems and via laptops, tablets and smartphones) has increased by more than 60%”

Click to read the rest of the ITE Group case study.

Videocall help companies on their migration journey to the cloud, whether that be private, public or hybrid. The benefits that these companies see from their collaboration service being delivered from the cloud helps them to achieve business objectives and see exponential growth in the use of their service.

If your company is thinking cloud, or even if they are not, isn’t it time that you talked to Videocall about your collaboration strategy and how it can be optimised to deliver your business outcomes. Use our contact form, email us at cloud@videocall.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1276 706 706 to start your conversation today.