ICE is the answer to your unified collaboration single service platform challenge

In our last two blogs in the series we talked about the challenges unified collaboration service owners face when trying to cater for the needs of the entire company through multiple platforms and services being used, and multiple workflows being the preferred way to arrive in a meeting.

Talking to vendors about these problems only ever seems to make it worse, as they generally suggest the ‘rip and replace’ method in favour of your company using their hardware and services.

That doesn’t provide an effective answer to the challenge at hand though. It’s as if they are not listening to where you want to get to. A single service that can connect your entire estate, and doesn’t force users to change their current working preferences.

Videocall however are listening, and our ICE platform is the single service unified collaboration platform that you have been looking for.

ICE will allow users to arrive in a meeting using any video enabled device, running any video conferencing service.Room systems, desktops and mobile devices can all connect at once. You can of course also join via audio.

ICE does not disrupt the user workflow or experience. If your user wants to book or arrive in a meeting via Microsoft Skype for Business for example, then they can book as they always have done, even through Outlook; and join using Skype for Business. In fact, they would not know that they were talking to someone on another service unless they were told, because there is no change to the visual appearance of the application! The same applies to other services such as Cisco’s Jabber or BlueJeans, should your users or third parties be using them.

ICE provides enterprise level security, quality, reliability, ad-hoc or scheduled meetings.

The ICE platform can be deployed on-premises, as a hybrid deployment or in the cloud.

ICE is underpinned by the highest quality SLA offering end to end customer service 24/7/365 with complete global presence.

ICE is the answer to your single service conundrum. Our 20 years of video conferencing and unified collaboration expertise is constantly evolving the service we offer in line with the challenges our customers face. Read our case studies from Clarks, Britvic, Linklaters and The Seventh-day Adventist Church to find out how we helped them to reach their goals.

Alternatively, contact us to start your ICE conversation today.

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