ICE, the answer to easy to use, intuitive, reliable, secure cloud collaboration

ICE, Videocall’s Intelligent Cloud Experience platform is the ideal solution for enterprise businesses looking to improve their collaboration both in the cloud, or in fact also companies that are remaining on-premises.

In this series we have been looking at how companies can eliminate complexity by moving to the cloud, and how the cloud can power your collaboration. Click the links if you have missed these blogs to find out how we can help your company with its collaboration strategy.

Polycom-Powered ICE, leverages a number of RealPresence features that have been designed to create an enterprise grade collaboration platform that can be delivered in the cloud as a hybrid solution or on-premises dependent on customer requirements.  

Business critical functionality is constantly evolving within ICE to ensure integration, connectivity, workflows and ease of use all meet the highest standards, making ICE much more than a VCaaS service:

  • Connectivity – video conferencing takes place over the ICE platform which is completely device agnostic, handling any endpoint, anywhere. Acting as the gateway service that links SIP, H.232, PSTN, ISDN, and WebRTC endpoints (mobile, desktop, web and room), ICE makes it easy to connect mobile workers, clients, suppliers, customers and other 3rd parties; or deploy Microsoft Skype for Business or Cisco Spark as the primary enterprise unified collaboration tool.

Videocall know that today there are more choices of collaboration service available to businesses than ever before, and we know that on average companies are now running 3 different collaboration platforms to meet users needs. ICE has been designed to help companies in this situation, and allow users to connect using device and service of their choosing

Eliminate Complexity with Polycom-Powered Collaboration in the Cloud - Read the whitepaper here

  • User friendly – attendees can arrive via URL, IM, email or calendar invite, whatever’s easiest for them. What’s more, Skype for Business native support means they can work via an interface that’s already familiar to them. Every user has their own personal VMR (virtual meeting room) from which they can schedule or hold ad hoc meetings with people inside or outside the company
  • Seamless workflows – users simply click to join a conference on a standards-based video endpoint or Skype for Business client. Scheduling and invitations can be handled via Office 365, while a simple click-to-call environment means users can quickly video conference with each other on-demand without losing critical time in meeting setup and calendar alignment
  • Maximising ROI – ICE’s Super Port connections calculate consumption based on endpoint type rather than a one for one basis, so you can drive further value from your connection capacity. This gives enterprises with large Skype for Business deployments and companies that mix video and audio into their meetings the confidence of knowing they can allow more users to connect and collaborate at no additional cost
  • Scale with ease – thanks to features like bursting and concurrent connections, there’s no concerns about exceeding capacity or licensing agreements. Users won’t get ‘locked out’ if demand peaks unexpectedly or goes beyond what’s been pre-agreed. Scale up or down as needed, confident that when the unexpected happens everything will continue to work from a user perspective
  • Free-up the network – moving bandwidth intensive video collaboration to the cloud removes congestion from enterprise networks and firewalls. No more having to plan capacity to support video collaboration. Everything is taken care of dynamically in the cloud
  • Security assured – all video conferencing takes place in a secure cloud environment that’s governed by ISO 27001 and stringent physical security safeguards at our vNOC centre
  • Future proofed – the cloud-based ICE platform means your video conferencing solution works via a VM (virtualised machine) which can be updated automatically to ensure new features and functionality are easily integrated into your collaboration environment
  • QoS – enjoy a 99.999% SLA, 24/7/365 MSA, 22kHz audio, native content, 70+ global points of presence and 1080p video. Performance, capacity and utilisation are monitored for you, and a dedicated interconnect or cross connect into your environment applies QoS to address jitter and packet loss
  • No more handholding – ICE eliminates the need for in-house IT teams to be on hand to help enterprise users set-up or make a video conferencing call. Plus, there is no need to manage and monitor video conferencing quality and reliability across the network

As can be seen, ICE has all the boxes ticked when it comes to the ultimate collaboration service for enterprise businesses.

If you want to read more around this subject then download our whitepaper: Eliminate Complexity with Polycom-Powered Collaboration in the Cloud by clicking on the link.

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