ICE – The Video as a Service platform for enterprise companies

Videocall, a company with 20 years of dedicated video conferencing and unified collaboration experience have developed, and continue to develop and enhance the market leading Video as a Service platform, ICE.

Designed for enterprise companies and powered by Polycom technology, ICE lifts the functionality and capabilities expected in an on-premises service and delivers them via the cloud. Built as a fully interoperable service, ICE will connect any video enabled room system with any desktop or mobile device, as well as services such as Skype for Business and Jabber, supporting flexible, global working anywhere, anytime.

View our infographic to visually see how ICE can work for your company, or download our ICE eBook to get a more detailed look at the platform.

ICE is easy to use, reliable, secure and provides the highest quality audio and video for your meetings.

Whether your users require a self-service method of scheduling meetings, a managed booking service or a combination of the two, ICE provides the answers. Meetings are scheduled through Microsoft Outlook, through our EAGLE service management platform or through our 24/7/365 vNOC team, providing options for all levels of user.

Users arrive without having their workflows changed, click to join functionality from email, Skype for Business or on the room systems makes having to enter dial strings a thing of the past.

Supported globally by a 24/7/365 ITIL Helpdesk, and built around an SLA, you can be sure that Videocall will aid you, should you require assistance; and importantly you can be sure that your business-critical meetings will take place without any problems.

With over 70 global points of presence providing dedicated high definition, high quality, high volume video conferencing traffic for a seamless video experience, and a business model built on Super Ports rather than concurrent users, ICE does have everything an enterprise company needs to improve collaboration and communication within the company.

To witness the true potential of ICE, contact us today for a demonstration or a free trial on +44 (0)1276 706706 or email