If you have a cloud first policy, you should be left saying ‘Why not cloud?’

Options for companies to move business operations and functionality to the cloud have been around for over a decade, yet many companies seem unsure about taking the bigger step with some of their day to day processes.

Many businesses work by the following rule to be successful:

Focus on your core competencies and outsource the rest

By following this rule companies can focus on what they do well, and what their business goals are. They then outsource expert help for areas within their business that support those overall objectives.

By adopting a cloud first policy you put your business in the best position to achieve the focus on your core competencies. Today’s culture of Anything-as-a-Service, means that you don’t need specialised in-house teams with particular training requirements. There are companies out there that already have those experts in place to support you globally 24/7/365.

Unified collaboration falls in to one of these brackets whereby certain knowledge and skills are required to deploy and support an enterprise level communications network. With the growing demand for flexible working policies and the ability to work from outside of the four walls of the office, extra strain is being put on service managers and owners to deliver.

Many companies are still using ageing on-premises collaboration platforms, that are coming near end of service, if they have not already passed it. The question is how to evolve to meet the new demands.

Your cloud first policy can work, even if certain areas of the business are constricted by data and security. Consider a private cloud to host your collaboration, or even a hybrid deployment that allows you to take that first step to eventual full cloud migration.  

Cloud first policy within the collaboration sphere has seen a great growth due to Microsoft Office365, Skype for Business and now Teams. We have also seen an increasing rise in Cisco Spark deployments which offers the ability for a company to be served their intelligent collaboration from the cloud. Many service owners are using Microsoft and Cisco to make that first step into the collaboration cloud, much like Salesforce or Sage did within other areas of the business, but they are still struggling to understand their on-premises platforms and the interoperability needed between all the technology.

Videocall have experience of supporting collaboration within the cloud from its first days, when it was still called ‘hosted’. We have our own Video Conferencing-as-a-Service platform that works as a standalone intelligent service, or as an interoperability service to link Skype for Business, Teams or Spark users to other services and meeting rooms. Our expertise is focussed on unified collaboration; it is our core competency. We deliver our service to take pressure away from our customers, delivering a private, public or hybrid cloud to companies with a cloud first policy.

Our question to you is therefore:

Why not cloud for your collaboration?

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