Imagine Having A Video Conferencing Service That Has More Than 99.9% Guaranteed Availability…Well You Can With Our ICE Platform

In business today, video conferencing is becoming increasingly more and more important to employees within all levels of the company. It is therefore vital that you have a video conferencing service that can work as and when needed.

A critical meeting with a customer or supplier cannot afford to be delayed or missed due to the video conference not working when the call is due to begin. Precious time and money can be lost as a result. Therefore having a video conferencing service that will provide you with guaranteed 99.9% service availability can provide your business with security and knowledge that your service will work when you need it.

Our SLA here at Videocall guarantees 99.9% availability and we can say, with pride, that we have ensured that availability has stayed above this level since our ICE platform was launched in 2012. This differs from most other video conferencing providers, who tend to operate on a ‘best endeavours’ SLA, meaning you are always left with the chance that availability will slip below the level they promise. We are able to ensure that our service remains available to users, partly due to our OUTREACH service.

OUTREACH is a remote infrastructure device monitoring and diagnostic service which can provide both us and the customer with real time data. This data will help to manage availability, functionality and performance of your core infrastructure and devices. It will manage your entire service, identifying and resolving issues quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to your workforce. OUTREACH will also help to reduce the cost of support as deployments grow across your business.

When an issues does arise with the service, your request will be dealt with by our team of trained experts. We have 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support who will always ensure that problems are escalated up the levels of support where necessary.

Alongside OUTREACH we offer 3 levels of maintenance: Care Standard, Care Plus and Care Premium. These packages provide you with onsite engineering support within a designated time period; either next working day or within 8 or 4 working hours depending on the maintenance package selected.

This, alongside our guarantee for 99.9% reliability within our SLA, makes ICE the only option that you need for your video conferencing service!

If this sounds like something your company would be interested in or you would like to know more, get in touch by emailing or call us on +44 (0) 1276 706 706