Immersive telepresence is dead – Long live immersive telepresence

Immersive telepresence, a seemingly overly expensive, out dated way of using a boardroom that is slowly dying, if not practically dead already.

The need to have to create a specialised space in an office to fit an immersive telepresence suite that costs £500k just for one, always seemed like a phase that might eventually end. The fact that you had to have another suite to talk to the first one, as a telepresence suite could only connect to another telepresence suite, meant that a minimum of £1 million had been spent before even the first words had been spoken.

Born in a ‘need to have the most impressive technology’ era, many of the actual practicalities of the technology were ignored. Perhaps saved by the fact that it was a time when the ROI was solely based on travel expenses meant that they did return a healthy profit.

With real estate now at a premium, it is much harder to justify having a large fully immersive telepresence suite being used one or two times a month; and when you multiply that by the number of offices that required a suite to hold a video collaboration meeting, you start talking about a vast area of office space.

Today, businesses need to be making the most out of every metre available, turning even the smallest spaces into comfortable places where ideation and collaboration can occur. The time it takes to get to market needs to be shorter than ever before, and global companies need to be able to work together around the clock. Collaboration is king in the modern office, and the ability to engage with other employees, third parties or clients anywhere, anytime and via a variety of methods is crucial.

If you are not planning how your employees can collaborate more often and more easily, then you need to start.

Today, employees want a choice in how they communicate with each other. Ease of use, reliability and availability are top priorities for users, alongside security being an important factor for the company. If you don’t give employees the option to collaborate ow they want to, you may find Shadow IT being deployed across machines. This can only lead to further pain.

So, today’s top enterprise companies are not going to buy the old modelled, antiquated technology to hold their business-critical meetings. They need another solution, something that still offers the ‘wow’ factor; the highest quality audio and video; but doesn’t require the same footprint; and will talk to other devices and services, whether that is mobile devices, other room systems or desktops running Microsoft Skype for Business.

In a time where flexible anytime, anywhere working is becoming more and more important, immersive telepresence systems must change or they will be left behind.

Polycom predicted this, and their response is the RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex.

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