Improving HR Productivity using Video Conferencing


In a recent survey, 98% of Human Resources executives surveyed said that video conferencing helps companies defy distance and break down cultural barriers to improve their productivity.  In recognition of those benefits, HR professionals expect video conferencing to be their preferred communications tool in 2016.

In every business there is a need for a steady stream of management talent, and key skills that are capable of delivering strong growth for the organisation.  Video, visual communications, voice and content collaboration tools are being used to tap into broader talent pools spanning geographic boundaries.

It’s also recognised that video collaboration has a positive impact on employee engagement and retention along with many other benefits of video conferencing.  The technology helps to retain knowledge by making training easy to access.  And video conferencing has been shown to increase productivity and reduce costs in many areas of the HR executive’s world.

Highlights from the survey 

  • There is a shift in the way the HR function is communicating and shaping business culture
  • The move toward video provides advantages for talent acquisition and management, training, productivity and flexible work enablement
  • The benefits include reduced travel costs and time, lower recruitment costs, better management of remote workers, lower training costs

New analysis of a recent global survey conducted by Redshift Research on behalf of Polycom, Inc. found that HR executives who use video at work today say they foresee preferring video collaboration over email as their top method of business communication within three years.

In fact, 56% indicated video would be their most preferred method of business communication, surpassing email (49%) and voice conference calls (32%).


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