Increase Employee Engagement with Online Video Collaboration Solutions


No matter how large or small your organisation is or what industry you are in, if employees are not engaged with their work then this will impact negatively on productivity and quality of work. A 2011 – 2012 Gallup poll found that only 13% of employees worldwide are actively engaged in the workplace. Statistically speaking, this means that only one in 8 members of your team may be psychologically committed to the work they do and are likely to be making a positive contribution to the company.

But how can you improve employee engagement in your workplace? A worker who isn’t engaged might lack motivation and expend minimal effort towards personal workload and overall organisational goals. And at the lower end of the spectrum whereby they are “actively disengaged,” –as the poll found 24% of workers to be – they might feel genuinely unhappy and unproductive at work and in the worst cases are likely to pass this negativity onto their colleagues. To avoid these outcomes, you will need to find a way to optimise employee engagement, and the key to this is simple – communication.

In order to feel committed to their company, an employee has to know how the business is doing, where exactly they fit into the organisation, and how their own personal efforts have a positive effect on a larger scale. Just increasing the level of communication with employees to give them positive feedback and updates on how everything is going will contribute to them feeling like an integral part of your company’s machine, and video collaboration technology can provide you with this capability.

Online collaboration software such as Microsoft Lync allows users to be contacted by video call wherever they are, on whatever device, at just the click of a button –a face to face communication is more personal and easy to engage with than an impersonal email or a hastily-scrawled post-it note left on your desk, and as a result it is a great way to bring your whole team together and draw focus towards reaching company goals.

If you are a large organisation operating from various locations globally or across the country then lack of communication can be even more of a contributing factor to low levels of engagement. Each site should not be an insular operation, and lack of communication just reinforces this way of thinking. Deploying video conferencing and online collaboration solutions can make communication a lot more efficient and personal, as well as realising further benefits such as increased impact of discussion and reduced travel costs.

So to improve employee engagement and thereby raise motivation, boost productivity and build relationships throughout your organisation, consider enhancing your business’s communications with an online collaboration solution.

For more information on realising the benefits of communications technology, download our guide to achieving strategic corporate goals through collaborative solutions.

Image courtesy of Polycom