Increased Efficiency and Faster Decision Making with Video Conferencing

In any marketplace it is important to maximise organisational effectiveness. With pressures on key executives’ time, it is difficult to remain effective whilst minimising time lost to being out of the office.

Enabling key executives to be able to meet with their people throughout the world at any time, whenever required, in the highest quality ensures streamlined decision making, organisational efficiencies and effectiveness and contributes significantly to competitive advantage.

Immersive telepresence solutions enable key executives to meet regardless of where they are based at any time in the highest quality along with many more benefits of video conferencing. The experience, driven by best in class technology and services, ensures that participants are able to focus on the meeting and the business at hand.

Incorporating tele presence into your business communications can benefit your company in a number of areas including productivity of meetings, efficiency, speed of decision making and administrative and travel costs. To find out more about immersive telepresence click here.

One business who implemented video conferencing with Videocall is Linklaters.

Using Videocall systems, they are able to take advantage of the benefits associated with immersive telepresence whilst remaining confident in the knowledge that their use of the systems are effectively managed and ensure a high quality user experience for each meeting.

With employees based around the world, sharing and discussing information instantly and making decisions quickly using video collaboration is vital to Linklaters business success and client satisfaction.

Not only were Linklaters able to boost efficiency and client satisfaction, but their implementation of telepresence solutions enabled them to achieve an annual reduction of 1900 tons of CO2 emissions - the equivalent of taking 365 cars off the road each year.

Take a look at how this leading global law firm manages over 4,500 employees across 27 offices in 19 different countries using Video conferencing to significantly reduce the size of their carbon footprint while at the same time improving business communications and increasing client satisfaction.