Is It Time For The Contactless Meeting Room?

As organisations in the UK start to re-open offices, meeting spaces of all sizes are having to be re-appraised by IT and facilities managers. Social distancing rules and disinfectant cleaning requirements mean that many rooms require updating to facilitate meetings that keep employees safe and minimise contact with devices.

Has the time come for contactless meeting rooms? Is there technology available to achieve this?

As we’ve previously covered, many organisations rapidly adopted collaboration platforms to support their staff through lockdown and homeworking. With the UK government and many business leaders calling for a much-needed return to the office, many organisations are facing challenges in keeping their staff productive, socially distanced, and most importantly safe from risk of infection.

Video meetings, and by extension meeting spaces are more important than ever. Whether your organisation relies on video meetings to reduce travel costs during uncertain economic times. Then there’s the problems with travel and risk of local lockdowns. Video is one of the few reliably safe ways to communicate effectively with important clients, key partners and suppliers.

A big headache for facilities is the need to deep clean and properly disinfect equipment and spaces every time they are used. In many meeting rooms there are keyboards, mice, touch panels or other control input devices, each of which could potentially become contaminated if not cleaned properly after every use.

How can we minimise device contact?

Getting rid of the keyboard and mouse interface is a good start. There are many touch screen control devices available from industry leaders such as Crestron, Starleaf and Poly. Touch screen panels are far easier and quicker to clean with a disinfectant wipe due to their flat glass surface.

Lean on your collaboration solutions provider to advise on the best course to take to compliment your existing collaboration environment and protect your users familiar workflows.

We adopted a new platform, can we also easily update our rooms to integrate with it?

Absolutely. Whether you adopted something like Zoom for lockdown, or were partway through a Microsoft Teams migration, or are operating Cisco Webex enabled rooms. There a number of gateway or CVI solutions available that can allow your meeting spaces to interop with your collaboration platform.

Its even possible to protect your previous investment by re-purposing legacy equipment.

Can we make our meeting rooms completely contactless?

Yes, there are number of approaches to creating a contactless meeting space. For instance, Videocall’s VNOC concierge service provides a fully managed meeting experience including setup, inviting attendees and full in-call technical support. This leaves attendees free to simply turn up or connect remotely.

There are also emerging technologies that can provide in-meeting controls on personal devices or via non-touch interfaces. These solutions are very specific to requirements and require a level of experience and design that fully understands the users business objectives, both during these challenging times and further into the future. It must also take into account, factors such as user adoption, ease of use and compatibility with a global organisations often segmented collaboration environments, ensuring ease of use and seamless interopability with all meeting attendees, regardless of location, platform or device.

If your organisation is working through it’s return to office plan and needs to update it’s meeting spaces to both protect staff now, and be effective into the future, come and speak to one of our solutions experts here at Videocall.