Look Past Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft, BlueJeans, Zoom, Logitech et al., and See the Bigger, Better Picture

In this latest series of blogs, we want to explain why it can be beneficial to your business to talk to more than just the ‘big players’ when you are trying to evolve or update your unified collaboration strategy or technology.

With a thirty-minute conversation, we can completely open your eyes to how you can achieve more, reach your business objectives faster and deliver the communication strategy that will work for your users and your business. Don’t believe us? Just thirty minutes, that’s all we need.

Unbiased/ Technology Neutral; No hidden agenda, agile, 100% collaboration focussed. These are just some of the reasons to talk to us.

Videocall have been in business for over 20 years supporting enterprise companies globally, many of them well known household names. Take a look at just a few of our case studies and companies that we are proud to support.

As a dedicated video conferencing managed service provider and systems integrator, we are unbiased to the solution that we deploy for you. There is no push to sell you a system because we have to. If it is not going to deliver the results your business needs, then we will suggest an alternative.

Have you ever been talking to a company where it feels like they are not truly listening to you? They are too focussed on trying to sell you the product or service that they have been told by their manager.

A good example of this would be a company that is looking to move their collaboration deployment to the cloud. Their current platforms are going end of life, and the executive decision is to make the move to the cloud now, whether via a hybrid model or completely. However, whilst talking to the incumbent it appears that all they want to do is sell the benefits of upgrading your current platforms and for you to stay on-premises. They simply are not listening; they have a hidden agenda based on sales targets. Very frustrating and a huge waste of time and effort.

Whilst you may find it hard to believe (or perhaps not), we have had several companies come to talk to us in the last six months after receiving this account management technique. The comments we hear are, ‘I wish we had started a conversation with you earlier’ and ’they just didn’t seem to want to offer any other solutions’.

Our experts listen to your challenges and will consult with you at every stage of the journey, no matter whether you are looking for a full managed service, part of a managed service or a migration to the cloud.

There are of course more reasons for giving us thirty minutes to talk to you that we will expand on in the next blog. Agility and 100% focus being just two of those reasons, as mentioned earlier. No matter the vendor you are currently using, or the conglomerate you are trying to talk to, invite us to have that all important chat with you by simply filling in a contact form, picking up the phone or emailing us. That thirty minutes will help you to deliver the right solution to your business and make everyone happy, so what have you got to lose? Thirty minutes of eye opening discussion with us, versus months of banging your head against a brick wall with them.

Call +44 (0)1276 706 706, email information@videocall.co.uk or fill out our contact form to book your thirty minute discussion