Looking For A Reliable, High Quality Video Conferencing Service? Look No Further…Our ICE Platform Is All You Need!

One pain point that many employees have with their company’s video conferencing service is often the quality. The service that is deployed throughout the company is not fit for purpose; it is difficult to use, packet loss and jitter regularly occur during calls and video and audio quality is poor. All of these factors can lead to users actively avoiding using the video conferencing services available to them; resulting in low adoption rates and poor ROI. Users want the video conferencing services to make their working days more efficient and for it to be easier to work with remote colleagues, customers, suppliers etc.

This is where our ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) platform can help. It provides the highest quality for your audio and video conferences, whether it is being used in large board rooms, meeting rooms, small huddle rooms or on a desktop or mobile device – it is designed for use within any size room or from any platform your employees may regularly use already. Users will be happier using your video conferencing as they know they can confidently rely on being able to run a high quality video conference every time.

ICE is also interoperable with any video-enabled device and manufacturer. This allows everyday users to use our ICE platform for meetings, guaranteeing the quality they expect, whilst logging in from whatever device and workflow they are used to using; Skype for Business, Jabber, BlueJeans etc.

Our ICE platform is available for £1 per month/per user *

You can read more about ICE here or if you think our ICE platform could benefit your business, get in touch now to find out more, email information@videocall.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1276 706 706

*Using our superports model